Twisted League Gamemode Guide (Oldschool RuneScape)

What’s taking place guys! My establish’s Theoatrix, and proper now I want to cowl the model new Twisted League Recreation mode, coming to Outdated Faculty Runescape.

I want to make clear in short the way in which it really works, and I want to principally current the biggest teaching methods and approach for the upcoming occasion.

The first installment begins on the 14th November, so a few weeks away, and it begins on the time of the Thursday sport substitute, so early throughout the morning Thursday in case you’re within the USA.

The Twisted League goes to be a seasonal sport mode – identical to nevertheless not altering Deadman mode.

League Pointers

The thought is that you will start on a latest Ironman with accelerated XP prices.

You will be locked to a positive house, with this season being locked to the whole thing of Zeah.

Your respawn and starter location might be on the Kourend citadel throughout the centre of the continent. Inside the Kebos space, there’s the Mount Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, the Farming Guild, Aerial Fishing, the Lizardman Temple and the Chambers o Xeric. Contained in the Hosidius space, there’s the Tithe farming, farming patches, vinery, and Forthos Ruins. The itemizing goes on, and I am going to converse further about the simplest actions to utilize extra into the article.

Contained in the Twisted League sport mode, there is a Job System that rewards you with League Elements.

It’s best to use these components to unlock relics and completely different league rewards.

Jagex teased a few of the duties that we’re in a position to anticipate to see with among the many Elite Duties being incredibly troublesome for a two month timeline.

The relics all through the game mode give your account buffs, and everytime you start your account, you get to resolve on a starter relic.

As you diploma up, and full further duties, you can unlock an rising variety of relics.

Jagex gave Three relics for the upcoming sport mode – the Abyssal Accumulator, which saves 80% of your ammo and runes. So, principally, Ava’s Assembler nevertheless working for Magic as properly. Infinite Endurance, not at all ending run energy and half the prayer degree drain worth. Lastly, Darkish Altar Devotion, which auto-buries bones from monsters and quadruples the amount of XP that you simply’d normally get. It moreover doubles your Ensouled Head drops. The first 2 are undoubtedly basically probably the most extremely efficient, and as a low diploma with little or no teleports, I’ve to say that Infinite Endurance is actually probably the most inviting. Nonetheless, there are no ranged retailers in your total Zeah house, making the Abyssal Accumulator relic very useful as properly.

Starting Account Unlocks

The upcoming season moreover comes with some preliminary account unlocks.

Firstly, you get diploma Three herblore and 15 Agility. Secondly, you’ll have Druidic ritual, Rune Mysteries and Dragon Slayer already unlocked. Druidic Ritual for Herblore, Rune Mysteries for Runecrafting and Dragon Slayer to placed on the Rune Platebody.

Principal Recreation rewards and League Account Rewards

You could possibly be pondering – properly, what are the rewards for doing this whole sport mode.

It is not exactly an eSports kind of issue, so the rewards are an in-game reward considerably than a cash reward like Deadman.

There are important sport rewards and in league rewards. With the league components that you just get in each season, you can purchase a range of magnificence rewards in your important sport account. Although, these are inclined to alter significantly, and are in the mean time solely being polled.

There may even be a Magnificence Trophy that you would placed on throughout the shield slot, representing the tier that you simply’re positioned in,

which is principally the scoring system of the Twisted League.

There could also be moreover some rewards all through the Leagues, paying homage to your pets might be carried over, and loads of other ways to level out off your earlier rank throughout the earlier league.

Twisted League Method

So, that is how the Twisted League works, and that leaves the question – what’s on the market on Zeah? As I mentioned, Zeah has so many choices – identical to the Wintertodt, Farming Guild, and Aerial Fishing.


Quest wise, there are 6 complete-able quests.

Firstly, the Shopper of Kourend could also be executed by going all through Zeah, then from that, you unlock 5 further quests – one for each house.

These quests have low numerous requirements, and each one affords a internet web page for Kharedst’s memoirs, the teleport e book for spherical Zeah, and that is going to be so useful all via the league.

The Xeric’s Talisman goes to be essential all via the game mode because of it provides easy teleports all all through Zeah,

notably to the farm patches throughout the Hosidius space and to the Chambers of Xeric.

There are Three strategies to get a talisman – killing Lizardman, the place the drop worth is 1 in 250 for all types of Lizardmen, and thieving from stone chests throughout the Lizardman temple with a 1 in 300 drop worth.

The quickest strategy to get them is by getting it whereas getting your Shayzien favour, and killing the low diploma Lizardmen.

Favour System

The Favour System all via Zeah is totally accessible. All 5 houses could also be completed from 0 – 100% favour. In doing so, it unlocks loads of crucial teaching methods all through the restricted house of Zeah.

With Hosidius Favour, you unlock the Fruit Stall thieving teaching approach, the mess hall cooking approach, and in addition you get auto-protection of your allotments in Hosidius. Most importantly though, you can entry the Farming Guild, Woodcutting Guild and the Tithe Farm.

With Arceuus Favour, you unlock the Arceuus Spellbook, which has a few teleports spherical Zeah and reanimation spells for teaching. You might also create Blood and Soul runes, which is a extreme diploma Runecrafting approach.

The Shayzien house means which you can obtain a Shayzien Armour 5, which makes killing Lizardman Sharmans a thousand situations less complicated.

With 100% Piscarillius favour, you can catch Angler fish, which makes it possibly the least useful house for the Twisted League.

Lastly, getting 65% Lovakengj favour signifies that you need to use the Minecart group for useful journey spherical Zeah, and at 100%, it’s worthwhile to use the Blast Mine, which might be the quickest strategy to apply your mining diploma.

1 – 99 Experience

That leads me into the next a part of this textual content, the quickest strategy to apply each expertise on Zeah. Every single expertise is trainable from diploma 1 – 99, with each being heaps utterly completely different tempo wise to the standard sport.


Initially, I believed that Constructing could possibly be the slowest expertise to teach,

because of having a Participant Owned Residence throughout the Hosidius space requires 25 Constructing, which depart repairing Wintertodt braziers as among the finest methods to teach from diploma 1 – 25, which is de facto sluggish.

I questioned the Mods on twitter about this, and Mod Husky confirms that all through the Twisted League, your first house from diploma 1 might be set at Hosidius. So, with that, you can apply Constructing normally from diploma 1 – 99.

Although, as an Ironman, getting planks is the precept time shopper. There is a Sawmill throughout the Woodcutting Guild, which might be the most effective strategy to get planks.

Although, with 40% Shayzien favour, you can kill gangsters in organised crime for loads of well-known planks. I am unsure if that’s going to be a wonderful approach though, because of with everyone being an ironman in that one house, a lot of folks might be attempting to compete over the gangsters.


The next slowest expertise may be going to be Runecrafting,

and the one strategy to get from diploma 1 – 77 is by aiding prospects throughout the Library of the Arceuus Residence.

The E guide of Information you get, it’s worthwhile to use the XP reward on Runecrafting.

This poses the question though – will XP lamps and XP rewards be boosted? In Deadman mode, even with the massively boosted XP prices, quest XP rewards and lamps weren’t boosted, and supplies the equivalent amount of XP as a result of the frequent Runescape sport mode.

So, due to this diploma 1 – 77 Runecrafting may take a robust few weeks of gameplay, or a few days if the XP is accelerated. From 77 – 90, Blood runes are among the finest methods to teach, then 90 – 99 with Soul runes.


One different sluggish expertise might be Agility, and, as I mentioned, you mechanically have 15 Agility everytime you make your League account.

So, this means that you would entry Barbarian fishing, the one strategy to apply your Agility from 15 – 60.

At 60, you’ll be able to do the Wintertodt pillars for barely faster XP per hour compared with Barbarian fishing. Although, the click on on depth and focus required makes me suppose that Barbarian fishing is the upper strategy to 99. That’s going to suggest that loads of avid gamers could have over 50 million fishing XP, and hopefully the fishing pet.


You would be shocked on what variety of fishing spots there are on Zeah – spherical all the outskirts of the island, there are utterly completely different fishing spots, ranging from shrimps all via to sharks.

To get started with Fishing, you should get fishing supplies from the fishing retailers northeast throughout the Piscarillius house.

From diploma 1, you can begin catching shrimp near the Sand crabs each on the southern or japanese shore, or you can catch them at Land’s End, west of the monetary establishment.

Whenever you attain diploma 20, you can then head over to the tiny pond, south of the centre of the Good Kourend, or south of the Shayzien infirmary. Proper right here, you can catch trout and salmon all one of the simplest ways until diploma 48, the place you unlock Barbarian fishing. Although, I wish to suggest doing trout and salmon until 58 because of then, with barbarian fishing, you can catch leaping salmon, which is considerably higher XP.

You’ll Barbarian fish subsequent to the Chambers of Xeric. The pond with bulrushes and timber south of the monetary establishment has quite a few Barbarian spots, the place you can AFK fish or Three tick, relying in your play sort.

Aerial fishing is one different approach that it’s worthwhile to use to teach Fishing and your Hunter diploma.


Inside the Kebos Lowlands, Jagex sneaked in a small Hunter spot,

containing a bunch of Crimson Swifts, the extent 1 chook for Hunter,

they usually’re positioned southwest of the Farming Guild in a protected house, away from Lizardmen and NPCs.

This makes you realise that Jagex has been planning this sport mode for a extremely very very long time. You’ll obtain chook snares and completely different Hunter traps from Land’s End, throughout the southern space of Kourend, and by doing the drop trick, you could get as many as you want.

Whenever you attain diploma 9, you can catch Copper Longtails, which can be northeast of Land’s End, and catch these until diploma 15 until Sandworms.

These are the quickest from diploma 15 – 35, and although there are butterflies on Zeah and at diploma 15 Ruby Harvest butterflies are heaps faster than Sandworms. Nevertheless, I cannot uncover anyplace on Zeah to get a Butterfly jar. You’re going to get butterfly nets, nevertheless you’ll be able to’t uncover jars anyplace.

Whenever you attain 35, the quickest strategy to apply is Aerial fishing.

At diploma 50 hunter, the XP prices are almost 40okay XP per hour, which is a lot greater than you may get on the accessible birds or at Sandworms.

At diploma 55, you moreover unlock Grey Chinchompas, which you can catch northwest of Land’s End. Then, Area traps could also be found throughout the crates shut by.

Nonetheless, I am not absolutely sure that Chinchompas are catch-able, because you need Eagle’s peak to place a Area Entice, and you may’t full this quest throughout the Zeah house. So, this makes Aerial Fishing possibly among the finest methods to 99 Hunter, or alternatively the bats inside Raids.


Firemaking is vulnerable to be the quickest expertise throughout the sport mode, as a result of the Wintertodt is on the market.

To utilize the Wintertodt, you need 50 Firemaking, which could merely be obtained when you find yourself teaching Woodcutting, and you may light the logs as you go.

The Wintertodt little doubt could be the primary choice for lots of avid gamers, identical to very many ironmen, and counting on the XP improve, it should solely take a few day for diploma 99.


With reference to Woodcutting, you can apply nearly anyplace throughout the Good Kourend.

There could also be almost every kind of tree nearly anyplace,

and as quickly as you may be diploma 60, you can then go to the Woodcutting Guild, and training your Fletching might be executed via Woodcutting like your early Firemaking teaching, and chopping Longbows is your biggest wager. Or, alternatively, Smithing.


All via the Lovakengj house, there are a selection of Furnaces and Anvils scattered all via.

Ores and bars can principally be obtained via monster drops or mining. Monsters like Sulphur Lizards drop quite a few well-known ores and bars, and the Chambers of Xeric and Wintertodt moreover give quite a few Smithing supplies.

The closest furnace and anvil to a monetary establishment are these ones, near the Lovakengj monetary establishment.


Mining could also be started on the Piscarillius Mine,

correct the place you come off the docks from Port Sarim.

Proper right here, there’s loads of tin and copper, along with 5 iron rocks, some silver, and Mithril.

There is a monetary establishment up north in case you’re taken with banking. Whenever you attain 15, you can mine at a triple iron rock spot, and there is one on the western face of Mount Karuulm. After that, you’ll have entry to the Blast Mine.


A superb place to teach Thieving is all through the Hosidius space,

the place yow will uncover ladies and men to teach at diploma 1, and at diploma 5, you can steal from the bakery throughout the metropolis centre.

Whenever you attain diploma 25, you can steal from the Fruit stalls for the quickest XP until 38, the place you unlock grasp farmers and one could also be found east of the Hosidius metropolis centre.

You might also thieve stone chests with 64 Thieving, they usually’re throughout the Lizardman Temple. The XP prices listed under are almost these of Ardougne Knights. So, they’re very fast. At diploma 49, you can also select locks throughout the Piscarillius space. Nevertheless, that is not very fast.


Farming wise, there’s a variety of patches spherical Zeah.

Although, the one tree patches are throughout the Farming Guild. Due to this the simplest low diploma teaching is allotments and herbs throughout the Hosidius space. Then, the Tithe Farm until you can enter the Farming Guild. Then, ending Farming Contracts and dealing your method up the guild will current the simplest XP.


Cooking could also be started off with low diploma fishing after which at 20 Cooking, you can put together dinner on the mess hall, making meat Pies, Stews then Pineapple Pizzas, and these Pizzas are the simplest Cooking XP per hour on Zeah.

The Hosidius kitchen might be accessible, which has a far lower burn worth, making it the simplest place to organize dinner your raw meals.


Inside the Arceuus Residence, the Magic Retailer sells vials of water packs, and Eye of Newt packs, which is right for teaching your herblore from diploma 3.

As talked about sooner than, you may mechanically have Druidic Ritual full. So, Herblore is trainable via to diploma 99. Although, because of you’ll have to accumulate the herbs your self, it’s going to be considered one of many slowest talents to teach. Herbs could also be obtained in a multitude of how – like farming, and monster drops.

The proper strategies in Zeah are the Chambers of Xeric, which provides tons of on worthwhile raid, and Hydras and Drakes, which drop quite a few well-known herbs.


Crafting is one different semi sluggish one, the place from diploma 1 – 10, you’ll have to sheer sheep on the farms throughout the northern Hosidius house.

Then, you’ll have to go to the spinning wheel and make balls of wool.

You’ll then select flax throughout the flax space, which might be throughout the northern Hosidius house, and at 10 Crafting, you can spin that into Bowstring.

Dense Essence is one different low diploma teaching approach, the place in the midst of the technique of crafting Blood or Soul Runes, you may get some Crafting XP.

As for higher diploma Crafting, buying pink Dragonhide from pink dragons, then using them on the tanner and crafting them shut by, is among the finest methods to teach.


So, that is all the talents apart from Slayer and the Combat talents.

Prayer could also be expert very fast on the new-ish Forthos dungeon, which has an altar identical to the Gilded Altar,

and there pink dragons correct subsequent door, making it wonderful for ironmen. Ensouled Heads and the reanimation spells are moreover accessible on Zeah.


You’re going to get Slayer duties from Konar, the solely Slayer Grasp in your total house, and instead of the standard 75 Combat requirement, Konar instead now has a 5 Combat requirement.

Konar moreover not assigns house explicit duties, which makes Slayer a bit less complicated. Konar’s Brimstone chest may even be accessible. Nonetheless, the precept issue with Slayer is gear. There could also be not loads of armour and weapons that you’ve got entry to in Zeah.


There could also be Zero Ranged retailers, making the solely strategy to get ranged weapons via Fletching and Smithing.

You’re going to get a Rune Crossbow by getting Runite Limbs from the Metallic Dragons and crafting it your self, which makes it the biggest ranged Weapons for the Chambers of Xeric sooner than you unlock the upper drops.

Ranged armour could also be created via the Crafting expertise.


Magic wise, you solely have entry to the Arceuus and commonplace Spellbook, which makes the commonplace Spellbook the simplest for combat magic, and the Arceuus Spellbook for Prayer.

Some avid gamers could choose to splash, which is a reasonable and decently fast strategy to apply with boosted XP prices.

Alternatively, avid gamers can refill on runes via teaching Slayer from monsters like Nechryaels or Mud Devils. You might also apply on the Arceuus Library instead of using the experience on Runecrafting.


Melee wise, you’ll have entry to some truly good weaponry.

There is a Shayzien Armour and weapons retailer north of the Infirmary, and proper right here, you can purchase weapons as a lot as Adamant. You’ll then get a Rune Scimitar from Hearth Giants. From the Rune Scimitar, there is a big gap until you unlock the next weapon, the place you unlock Abyssal Demons with 85 Slayer, getting you the Abyssal Whip, the simplest weapon until you get the rewards from the Chambers of Xeric.

Because of the restrictions, it is throughout the talks that the Chambers goes to be barely less complicated than the standard in sport mannequin, because of points identical to the Blowpipe, Trident and Barrows gear mustn’t accessible.

That’s what makes the game mode so attention-grabbing though. These restrictions change the way in which you play Runescape as a whole, and even Slayer goes to be a whole new downside. On a closing phrase, I want to reiterate one factor that the Jagex Moderators had been talking about on their newest Q&A livestream. Not every League exercise is achievable.

Primarily, you will not be capable to do every single exercise on the itemizing. You will not be capable to get the max full diploma, along with the Chambers of Xeric pet, and the Metamorphic Mud. On the end of the day, the scoring system is based off your League Score, which is what variety of duties you do. So, it is best to resolve on to focus each on PvM or think about Skilling.

In any case, that is my Twisted League Data. I hope you realized one factor or found one factor attention-grabbing inside this textual content. Whenever you did, be sure you depart a like and subscribe for further content material materials in case you’re new spherical proper right here. I am large excited for the twisted League and I hope you may be as properly, because of it will likely be a very new Outdated Faculty downside. You in all probability have any choices, make sure you depart them throughout the suggestions. You in all probability have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can be part of the Theoatrix buddy chat in sport, or the Theoatrix discord. As on a regular basis, thanks loads for finding out this textual content, and I’ll see you subsequent time!


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