Highest Possible Hits in OSRS

What’s happening guys! My identify is Theoatrix, and at this time I’m exhibiting the highest doable hits that you’ll ever come throughout in Outdated College Runescape.

I’m going to be specializing in the greatest hits in a single single hit splat. So, issues like Chinchompas or Ice barrage is not going to be on the record, regardless of them dealing loads of harm. Additionally, issues just like the Dragon Claws is not going to be right here as a result of there are loads of completely different items of harm. Though, sooner or later, I do plan to make a video on the very best harm per second weapons.

For this text, I shall be going by way of the strongest weapons that gamers can use to hit the very best doable numbers. I can even be going by way of the highest hit splats that may be hit by common bosses and monsters, in addition to the Quest bosses.

Highest Hits by a Participant

So, beginning out with the highest hitting weapons {that a} participant can use.

I shall be going so as from least to strongest, with the very best doable hit splat you may see on the finish.

Anger Weapons

The primary weapon, hitting the lowest max hit proven on this whole article is the Anger Weapons from the ‘a Soul’s Bane’ quest. In contrast to each different weapon within the recreation, the Anger Weapons usually are not affected by your ranges or your gear. You possibly can see right here, I’m combating with a unfavourable Power bonus, and my max hits are nonetheless the identical as if I used to be carrying a most power arrange.

Even when I decrease my stats right down to 0, I’m nonetheless hitting with the identical accuracy and harm in comparison with being boosted.

So, principally, the Anger Weapons roll a randomised hit between Zero and 80, with 80 being the utmost hit.

In RS2, again in 2009 to 2010, it was doable to hit over 80, with max hits surpassing 150. However, that was solely resulting from an replace that got here out after the time of Outdated College Runescape. Inside a minimize scene within the present quest, there’s a increased hit splat proven. However, I’ll present that within the quest part in direction of the tip of the article.

Heavy Ballista

The following highest hitting weapon after the 80 is the Heavy Ballista, which requires 75 Vary and Monkey Insanity 2 to put on.

The Ballista has the highest doable ranged assault and ranged power bonus within the recreation.

The particular assault of the Heavy Ballista provides 25% harm and accuracy to your subsequent shot, consuming 65% of the spec.

In a PvP scenario, the Heavy Ballista has a most hit of 76 utilizing the particular assault and 61 usually. When slaying and utilizing the harm increase of the slayer helmet, you may hit as much as 78 with the spec, and 63 usually. In opposition to undead monsters, you may hit 90 with the spec, whereas utilizing Elite Void, a Ranging Potion, Rigor and the Imbued Salve Amulet.

Within the Chambers of Xeric, you need to use Overload + potions,

which give the highest doable increase within the recreation, the place Overload + potions increase you by 16% then add 6, letting you attain 121 with 99 in a Fight Stat,

whereas Tremendous Fight Potions in addition to Nightmare Zone Overloads give 15% +5, with a most of 118 boosted. Combining Overload + potions with Elite Void and the Salve Amulet, you may hit as much as 95 with the spec, and 76 usually.

Armadyl Godsword

The following weapon is the Armadyl Godsword.

The Armadyl Godsword has a particular assault that offers 37.5% extra harm for 1 hit splat, making a particularly widespread KO weapon for PKing.

Inside a PK scenario, the max hit you are able to do with a Tremendous Fight potion is 83 utilizing the spec, or 61 with an everyday hit. Tremendous Combats increase your Power stage to 118.

However, it’s doable to spice up to 120 in PvP.

That is completed utilizing the Dragon Battleaxe particular assault, which boosts your power stage by your drained stats. So, by boosting your different stats after which letting them drain from the spec, your power stage goes increased than it might with Tremendous Combats – all the way in which to 120.

With 120 Power, the highest doable hit with an Armadyl Godsword, is 85 in PvP.

When slaying, you may hit as much as 96 with the particular assault. With an Enchanted Salve Amulet, you may also hit a max of 96. However, including Overload + potions into that blend permits you to hit as much as 98.

Enchanted Ruby Bolts

The following strongest weapon usable by a participant is Enchanted Ruby Bolts.

A particular impact of Ruby Bolts is named Blood Forfeit, and it takes 20% of the well being off your enemy, whereas taking 10% off you, which is insane on bosses with loads of well being.

For instance, the Corporeal Beast has 2000 Hitpoints – 20% of 2000 is 400. Nicely, due to that large quantity of energy, the harm from this assault is capped at 100. So, which means in opposition to bosses with no less than 500 well being, it is possible for you to to hit the utmost hit of 100.

Twisted Bow

Subsequent is the Twisted Bow, the costliest weapon within the recreation – costlier than the third aged Longsword and the Scythe.

It has a particular impact on each single assault, the place its harm and accuracy scale to the enemy’s magic stage.

So, if they’ve a extremely excessive magic stage – like Commander Zilyana or the Raids bosses, you may hit tremendous excessive.

Besides, there are loads of harm caps for the Twisted Bow. For instance, when combating Zulrah, the utmost mathematical hit is 86 with the most effective gear and whereas being on a job.

Nevertheless, any hit that you simply hit over a 50 on Zulrah re-rolls to a quantity between 45 and 50. So, that makes the max hit with a Twisted Bow at Zulrah 50.

On Commander Zilyana, the Saradomin boss, since she has a magic stage of 300, it’s doable to hit as much as 83 with the Twisted Bow off job, and 86 on a slayer job.

This is similar max hit for JAD and even Zuk within the Inferno, as a result of the Twisted Bow caps at a stage of 250 magic for the boss monster you’re combating.

Throughout the Chambers of Xeric, although, the magic stage caps at 350, permitting the max hit to scale even increased – to a most of 111 harm when utilizing the Salve Amulet Imbued and even increased, 119 in case you add Overload + potions into the equation.

Nicely, together with the magic stage cap, the Twisted Bow has a harm cap contained in the Chambers of Xeric. Any hit that you simply do over 100 shall be re-rolled to a quantity between 94 and 99. That makes the utmost hit for the Twisted Bow 99 harm. Though, it does mathematically go increased.


The following weapon is the Gadderhammer, which can be utilized after the ‘in Assist of the Myreque’ quest.

The Gadderhammer has the similar animation and three second assault pace of the Granite maul. Nevertheless, it gives a 25% harm increase in opposition to shades, that are additionally undead monsters.

So, this may be stacked with the Salve Amulet for a 45% harm increase each single hit.

This makes the utmost common swing in most gear a 52.

Nicely, together with that large increase, there’s a 1 in 20 likelihood or a 5% likelihood of hitting double the quantity – solely when combating shades.

So, this strikes the utmost hit from 52 to 104. The possibility of lining up that 5% double hit with a most hit of 52 and with the prospect of even hitting a quantity within the first place comes out to a few 0.066% likelihood of hitting a 104, which is a few 1 in 1800 likelihood of taking place.


Subsequent is one that you simply most likely guessed to be on this record, and it’s Dharok’s, which is a highly regarded PK set for fundamental accounts or the insane set impact.

The total set impact is a 1% enhance in harm for each Hitpoint that you’ve got misplaced. So, this works greatest with 99 Hitpoints, since in case you are 1 Hitpoint, you will have misplaced 98, supplying you with 8% extra harm.

Additionally, the Dharok’s Greataxe has a large power bonus in itself, permitting you to hit hue already.

The max hit in PvP with a Tremendous Fight potion is 102 harm, which is greater than the utmost Hitpoints stage of an individual.

Nicely, you may increase your power stage to 120 as I’ve talked about earlier, boosting your max hit to 104. With the Salve Amulet, you may hit as much as 118 harm.


Now for probably the most highly effective or highest hitting weapon within the recreation – increased than the 118 completed by Dharok, and the harm comes from the Keris, rewarded after the Contact Quest.

The Keris has a particular impact much like the Gadderhammer. However, this time, it really works in opposition to Kalphites and Scabarites.

The dagger has a 33% harm increase in opposition to these monsters, plus a 1 in 51 likelihood of hitting triple the quantity of harm.

Usually, with out the triple harm, the utmost hit with the Keris is 51 off job, and 58 on job with the slayer helmet. Tripling that, you get 153 as a max hit off job, and 174 on job.

This has a a lot rarer likelihood of taking place than the Gadderhammer although. There’s round a 0.013% likelihood of hitting the max hit of 174. So, about 5 instances as uncommon because the Gadderhammer.

Lots of people imagine that the max hit was round 120 with the Keris because the max hit on the Fight Dummy is 43. Nicely, the fight dummy doesn’t depend as a Kalphite, nor does it depend as a Shade. So, the Gadderhammer doesn’t present its true max hit or the Keris.

So, that’s the entire weapons with the highest three being the Gadderhammer, Dharok’s, then the Keris.

Highest Hitting PvM Bosses

Transferring onto some even increased hit splats which come from PvM bosses inside Outdated College Runescape.

Firstly, JAD, one of the dreaded challenges for brand new gamers is able to hitting as much as 97 harm with any of his assaults.

The best stage monster within the recreation, with a fight stage of 1520,

is Verzik, which is fought final within the Theatre of Blood. Verzik has a most hit of 104 solely on her first section.

The following highest hitting boss is the JADs inside the Inferno, and as an alternative of the common stage 702 JADs within the Struggle Caves, these JADs have extra stats, and extra Hitpoints, giving them a fight stage of 900. Their max hit inside the Inferno is 131 extra well being than a participant is able to boosting to.

The best hitting PvM boss within the recreation can also be inside the Inferno, and the monster with a most hit of 251 is Zuk. The ultimate boss of the Inferno will be prevented the whole kill, supplied that the participant stays behind the shifting rock.

In case you make a mistake, there may be over a 50% likelihood of getting one shot, even when you have the utmost doable Hitpoints.

Quest Bosses

Now, shifting into the Quest Bosses part of this text, and these have even increased hits than the PvM bosses. A fast warning – there are some quest spoilers on this a part of the article.

In the course of the Needed quest, there’s a scene the place Solus Dellagar is cornered by 15 rangers.

In that scene, he offers 70 harm to each single one in all them, totaling 1050 harm. I did say earlier I might not embrace issues like Ice Barrage. However, hitting 70 per Barrage on 15 completely different monsters is huge.

Subsequent is the Soul’s Bane quest, which I spoke about earlier with the Anger weapons. However, throughout that very same room of the search, as quickly as you attain 100% on the fad bar,

your participant unleashes a particular assault which offers 200 to all to the monsters round you. That makes it the third highest hit splat that you’ll ever see in Outdated College Runescape.

Second on the record is a minimize scene through the Swan’s Track quest. Within the closing struggle with the ocean troll queen, the sensible previous man is attacked with an enormous water surge, dealing an enormous hit of 254.

Afterwards, it’s a must to struggle the ocean troll queen your self. With out the assistance of the sensible previous man. However, the queen that you simply struggle solely has a max hit of 37, a lot weaker than the harm completed to the sensible previous man.

The best hit splat within the recreation comes up through the Dragon Slayer 2 quest within the closing boss struggle versus Galvek. After dealing your closing blow, a Dragonfire shot comes out of him, flying over to Zorgoth, dealing 1500 harm in a single single hit splat – the largest out of any quest, monster of minimize scene within the recreation.

I’d like to offer a large thanks to SlayerMusiq for permitting me to make use of a few of his footage for the search scens, and a large thanks to Colonello, Monterey, 9 9 Grinding, Xpreme, and Kandarin for his or her assist recording a number of the footage of the max hits. SlayerMusiq and Colonello each have YouTube channels, and when you have not subscribed to both of those, make sure you do this for some superior Outdated College Runescape movies.

I hope you realized one thing helpful on this article or loved. In case you did, make sure you go away a like, and ensure to subscribe in case you are new. In case you have any ideas, be sure you go away them within the feedback. In case you have any questions or simply wish to chat to me, you may be a part of the Theoatrix buddy chat in recreation, or the Theoatrix discord. As at all times, thanks for studying this text, and I’ll see you subsequent time!

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XZact: https://www.twitch.television/xzact

& Kandarin, Xpreme, Monterey, 9 9 Grinding


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