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We’ve got some feedback on the suggestions from gamers on the Alpha, with a blue put up explaining a number of issues:

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I do see the issue on Resto Affinity+HotW. However since Resto doesn’t have a local type, altering this may quantity to saying “merely cancel any type whenever you press Resto HotW.” That looks like an odd factor to power on the participant, once they can already cancel type at any time. Within the present setup, a participant who presses HotW after which decides they need to use one other Bear or Cat choice earlier than beginning to heal has the choice, and that appears price preserving–even when it most likely makes you need to preserve a Resto button accessible out of your type.

Made Sylvatican Attraction work with Frenzied Regen. It was designed with Resto HoTs in thoughts, however it is a neat interplay for individuals enjoying Guardian. Its uptime will nonetheless be significantly better for those who preserve Resto HoTs on your self.

Normally, Torghast powers have little or no steadiness to date, so I need to be a bit cautious about suggestions over what construct is strongest. The Druid synergies round shapeshifting (capped by the epic energy Lycara’s Sash) are positively robust, and which may distort the sensation of different builds till steadiness of Torghast an entire is additional alongside. Our objective can be that one thing like Greedy Tendrils may play right into a successful run, in a state of affairs the place it shines because of the presence of, say, Sylvatican Attraction and Rootwood Scarab.

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6 minutes in the past, Starym mentioned:

However since Resto doesn’t have a local type, altering this may quantity to saying “merely cancel any type whenever you press Resto HotW.”

Simply give again Tree of Life as a shapeshift type, and preserve the Incarnation as a CD. Replace the Treant mannequin and vòila!

7 minutes in the past, Valhalen mentioned:

Simply give again Tree of Life as a shapeshift type

This. We see a number of “Druids of the Department” in Legion and a good few in BFA resembling in Darkshore, and lots of of them wander about trying like timber. Give resto druid one thing like that once more, as a result of:

14 minutes in the past, Starym mentioned:

Resto doesn’t have a local type

Is fallacious.

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