The Daily Grind: What MMO has the shortest leveling content?

One of many oddball issues I really preferred about Star Wars Galaxies – even its NGE model – was how wildly quick leveling went alongside. Whether or not it was within the ability system or the CL class system that got here later, you could possibly really zip alongside to the highest of most ability blocks and courses fairly shortly. Put up-NGE, I keep in mind taking my newly rolled medic out for a zipper via the legacy questline after which come out for some quick mission runs. Capping – in the event you didn’t care in regards to the story, anyway – was comparatively trivial as a result of it was by no means actually the purpose anyway.

(I do know entertainers and bio-engineers are scowling at me proper now considering, “Simple? You name that simple?!” and sure, I do know! I did all these expertise too, and also you’re proper, they have been the exceptions in basic. The trade-off is that they get a free trip in NGE at the least.)

Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 are one other pair of video games whose leveling expertise is so downplayed and flattened that it frees the participant to think about gameplay by way of what they need to do and never how briskly they will get there. The journey actually wasn’t really the purpose; it was simply the coaching for the flower-smelling!

What MMO would you say has the shortest leveling content material or the quickest journey to the “cap”?

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