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How to catch Black Salamanders (OSRS Hunter Guide) – 120k xp/hr

What is going on on guys, my identify’s Theoatrix and on this information I will clarify every part it’s worthwhile to find out about coaching your hunter degree at Black Salamanders. Looking Black Salamanders is the quickest solution to prepare your hunter from degree 73 to degree 80, the place Crimson Chinchompas turn out to be sooner at degree 80.


• 67 Hunter

Really helpful

Excessive Hitpoints Degree

Excessive Defence Degree

Gadgets Required

6+ Ropes

5+ Small Fishing Nets

Excessive Degree Meals (optionally available)

Getting There (location)

Positioned within the jap a part of the wilderness (degree 22)

Burning Amulet to Chaos Temple (degree 13) and run North-East

Video games Necklace to Corporeal Beast and run East

Wilderness Obelisk (degree 19) and run East

Coaching Methodology

This coaching methodology is within the wilderness so solely take Ropes, Nets & Meals.

1) Navigate to the Black Salamander looking space utilizing the transportation strategies proven above.

2) Arrange 5-6 traps within the location proven under. That is the very best space since all the traps are close-by to each-other.

3) Reset your traps as you harvest them. That is sooner XP/HR and saves you operating backwards and forwards.

Coaching Suggestions & Methods

• If a PKer comes, they’ll often ignore you as a result of they know you are not risking so much. In the event you do get attacked, you need to use a dragonstone/different teleport out that allows you to teleport as much as 30 wilderness. Alternatively, you may let your self die from the PKer since you will not lose a lot.

• It is a good suggestion to purchase 50+ Ropes & Nets in order that if you happen to get PKed you needn’t re-visit the Grand Alternate

The variety of traps you may arrange is determined by your hunter degree

• 67 Hunter: 110Ok Hunter XP/HR

• 80 Hunter: 140Ok Hunter XP/HR

• 99 Hunter: 150Ok Hunter XP/HR

You may arrange 1 additional lure within the wilderness. For instance, at degree 80 you may arrange 5 traps within the common world, however within the wilderness it is 6.

The variety of traps you may arrange impacts your XP/HR

• 67 Hunter: 5 Traps

• 80 Hunter: 6 Traps


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