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How to catch Orange Salamanders (OSRS Hunter Guide) – 70k xp/hr

What is going on on guys, my identify’s Theoatrix and on this information I am going to clarify the whole lot you must find out about coaching your hunter degree at Orange Salamanders. Searching Pink Salamanders is the quickest strategy to prepare your hunter from degree 47 to degree 59, the place Pink Salamanders change into quicker at degree 59.


• 47 Hunter

• Waterskins

• Knife to refill Waterskins

Really useful

Swish Outfit

• Desert Clothes

Gadgets Required

4+ Ropes

4+ Small Fishing Nets

Getting There (location)

Positioned East of the Shantay Go entry

Necklace of Passage to Eagle Station

Desert Amulet to Kalphite Hive (Desert Achievement Diary)

Dueling Ring to Clan Wars and run West then South

Coaching Technique

1) Navigate to the Orange Salamander looking space utilizing the transportation strategies proven above.

2) Arrange 3-Four traps within the location proven under. That is the perfect space since all the traps are close-by to each-other. If you do not have 60 hunter but, you may solely arrange Three traps, and it’s best to use the three traps on the left facet of the picture.

3) Reset your traps as you harvest them. That is quicker XP/HR and saves you working backwards and forwards.

Coaching Ideas & Tips

• It is a good suggestion to deliver 5+ Ropes & Nets in order that should you log off and overlook to select up your traps, you needn’t re-visit the Grand Trade


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