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Fallout 76 dials back the amount of concrete needed in the ATLAS fortification community goal

, Fallout 76 dials back the amount of concrete needed in the ATLAS fortification community goal, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

Might the Fallout 76 group have gotten 150 million units of in-game concrete to ATLAS? In all probability not, so it’s a very good job that Bethesda has tuned down the requirement, which now sits at a sizeable however rather more manageable 15 million items.

The seek for concrete has been the second step locally objective to construct a Brotherhood of Metal location within the recreation, which has been working between August eighth to date. Gamers had efficiently raked in sufficient metal to get a Brotherhood of Metal beret, and now they’re about three million away from a banner C.A.M.P. merchandise.

The subsequent required materials will probably be cork, which can unlock a double dailies weekend if the required quantity is met. At present, the quantity of wanted cork is still listed as 200Okay items, however it ought to be famous that the linked web page didn’t replace the totals for concrete both, so it’s possible that followers will wish to keep eyes on the events page for the precise required quantity. Or, you would utterly ignore all of this hullabaloo, as one Redditor put it: “I’m right here to play, discover and have enjoyable, not be a backer to a kickstarter.”

supply: official website (1, 2, 3) by way of Reddit, cheers Anon!


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