Friday, May 7, 2021
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A couple of weeks again, a brand new SWG Legends chef was chatting me up on Discord, asking what had been frankly very affordable questions on among the nonsense within the sport’s crafting system. I discovered myself principally counseling this participant to disregard complete schematics and experimentation strains and enhancement tissues that appear like they’d be actually vital. No, don’t trouble losing your mats on amount or length tissues. Simply make vitamin, and on most meals, experiment there first. Figuring out what you may safely ignore, slightly than what you are able to do, seems to be a serious a part of getting good at a crafting ability, and it’s simple to overlook that once you’ve been doing it for years and years.

In SWG Legends’ case, the ineffective leftover chef junk is the results of a number of overhauls to the unique stay sport, good and dangerous, that usually left these bizarre artifacts and vestigial bits in afterward. I’d like to see it fastened and overhauled by the rogue servers as a result of I hate figuring out there are nugatory craftables within the sport, simply mendacity in look ahead to unsuspecting newbies who assume, as Raph Koster as soon as joked, that devs wouldn’t put one thing within the sport if it didn’t serve a function – and so its lack of function have to be a bug.

What borky system in your favourite MMO wants some love or an overhaul?

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