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OSRS Efficient Combat Training Guide

Need to prepare your fight effectively in old style Runescape? You got here to the correct article! Right here we cowl probably the most environment friendly osrs fight coaching strategies.

This osrs fight coaching information is beginner-friendly but in addition applies to extra superior gamers.

Melee Coaching Assault Types

What does assault do in osrs?

Leveling your assault will increase your accuracy and features you entry to higher-level weaponry

What does energy do in osrs?

Levelling your energy influences your MAX HIT

What does defence do in osrs?

Leveling your defence decreases the chances of you getting hit by an opponent or monster. This implies it decreases the accuracy and never the max hit. You additionally achieve acces to larger stage armour. 

During which order must you prepare melee?

Since defence doesn’t do something in direction of your max hit or your accuracy it shouldn’t be a precedence whereas coaching melee. As a substitute you must at all times prioritize energy and assault since these will have an effect on your accuracy and injury.

Most gamers will goal to have their energy a few ranges larger than assault to attain the next max hit.

Greatest in Slot Weaponry For OSRS Fight Coaching

The sooner the weapon, the sooner you’ll wind up leveling which is why scimitars are favored by most gamers to coach with. 

Ranges 1 – 40: Scimitars

Assault Stage Scimitar
Stage 1 assault Iron Scimitar
Stage 5 assault Metal Scimitar
Stage 10 assault Black Scimitar
Stage 20 assault Mithril Scimitar
Stage 30 assault Adamant Scimitar
Stage 40 assault Brine Sabre / Rune Scimitar

At stage 40 members ought to go for the Brine Sabre as an alternative of the rune scimitar as this weapon offers a +2 str & assault bonus. F2P gamers ought to proceed to make use of the rune scimitar to coach their fight all the best way to max.

Ranges 50 – 60 Granite Weaponry

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At stage 50 members ought to change to granite weapons. You may select between the granite hammer or the longsword, the hammer is barely higher however dearer. 

The leaf-bladed sword can be an choice at stage 50 and it’s even higher than the granite hammer, nonetheless, the leaf-bladed sword requires 55 slayer to equip. Ironman are likely to go for the leaf-bladed sword as that is far simpler to acquire than granite weaponry. 

Ranges 60 – 70 Dragon Weaponry

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At stage 60 you must prepare with dragon weaponry, particularly the dragon scimitar. If you happen to don’t need to full Monkey Insanity you may go for the dragon sword as an alternative which is much better than the dragon longsword. 

Ranges 70 – 99

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At stage 70 you achieve entry to weapons such because the abyssal whip, the abyssal bludgeon, abyssal dagger and saradomin sword. 

At stage 75 you achieve entry to the Ghrazi Rapier which is one of the best in slot weapon for assault, energy and defence coaching all the best way to max combat

The Ghrazi Rapier paired with the avernic defender is greatest in slot for coaching fight from stage 75. Clearly most gamers received’t be capable to afford this combo to allow them to as an alternative prepare with the abyssal whip with dragon defender (for assault/defence) or the blessed Saradomin Sword/abyssal bludgeon (for energy coaching). 

Greatest in slot armour for fight coaching

Helmet slot

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Neitiznot Faceguard/Helm of Neitiznot > Berserker Helm > Obsidian Helm

All three helmets offer you a +Three energy bonus, the neitiznot faceguard offers a +6 energy bonus.

*When doing slayer, the slayer helmet will at all times be best-in-slot. 

Physique slot

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Bandos Chestplate > Fighter Torso > Obsidian Body

Each the fighter torso and bandos chestplate supply a 4+ energy bonus. You actually don’t want the bandos chestplate until you’re preventing high-level monsters.

The obsidian physique is a very nice and low-cost different that gives a 3+ energy bonus.

Leg slot

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Bandos Tassets > Obsidian Platelegs

Obsidian Platelegs are low-cost and supply a +1 energy bonus, bandos tassets are costly and supply a +2 energy bonus.

protect slot

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Avernic/Dragon Defender > Tokz-Ket-Xil

Defenders ought to at all times be utilized in fight coaching as these improve your max hit and accuracy. If you happen to don’t have a defender you should utilize a Tokz Ket Xil as an alternative which provides a pleasant +5 str bonus.

Cape Slot

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Infernal > Fire Cape > Mythical Cape > Obsidian Cape

Necklace Slot

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Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of Strength

Gloves Slot

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Ferocious gloves > RFD Gloves > Regen Bracelet > Combat Bracelet

Aside from ferocious gloves, barrows gloves and different recipe for disaster gloves are greatest in slot for fight coaching. If you happen to haven’t performed the recipe for catastrophe quests you should utilize a regen bracelet or fight bracelet in case you’re on a finances.

Boots Slot

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Primordials > Dragon Boots > Granite Boots

Gamers with 75 Energy and Defence and a very good money stack ought to use primordial boots for fight coaching. In any other case use dragon boots that are low-cost or granite boots in case you have decrease than 60 defence.

Ring Slot

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Berserker Ring /(i) > Warrior Ring /(i)

Berserker ring is greatest in slot for fight coaching, you should utilize a warrior ring in case you don’t have some huge cash to spend in your ring slot. You may imbue your ring for 650,000 NMZ factors which doubles its stats.

Set Bonusses

Obsidian Set

When the total obsidian set is supplied, the participant will obtain a 10% enhance in accuracy and energy which stacks with the berserker necklace. The berserker necklace offers a 20% injury enhance to any obsidian weapon.

This makes using the total obsidian armor + necklace + weapon a extremely good mixture for melee coaching on the nightmare zone.

Dharok Set

Dharoks is nice for energy coaching as a result of you may hit very extremely when the total set is supplied and also you’re beneath 10 hp.

Dharok is usually used on the nightmare zone.

Void Set

Wearing full void melee will get you a 10% accuracy and injury enhance. Combining this with an avernic/dragon defender could be actually useful whereas coaching at decrease stage monsters the place you don’t want excessive defence bonuses.

Fight Coaching Quests

Quests typically present a extra environment friendly coaching path, that is no completely different when coaching your fight in osrs. There are some actually good quests that can immediately enhance your assault, energy, and defence.

Quest Expertise
Waterfall Quest 13,750 assault/energy exp
Fight Arena 12,175 assault exp
Tree Gnome Village 11,450 assault exp
The Grand Tree 18,400 assault exp
Holy Grail 15,300 defence exp
Dragon Slayer 18,650 energy/defence exp

Many new gamers immediately full Waterfall Quest which has no necessities and could be performed on a contemporary account. Completion will immediately carry you to 30 assault and energy, skipping a whole lot of guide coaching.

Most Environment friendly Means To Practice Melee

So what’s the best strategy to rain your melee in osrs? Essentially the most environment friendly path at all times begins with waterfall quest.

Ranges 1 – 30 assault/energy Waterfall Quest

Finishing Waterfall Quest will immediately put you at stage 30 assault and energy. That is one of the best ways to start out off a contemporary account in osrs.

Ranges 30 – 60/70 Crabs

From ranges 30 to 60/70 you have to be preventing crabs. These have a excessive quantity of hitpoints, don’t hit very excessive and are aggressive. That means you may AFK them and never fear about dying.

You may go old style and battle rock crabs in Relekka that are fairly deserted as of late otherwise you could be extra environment friendly and prepare at sand crabs in hosidius.

Gamers who’ve accomplished Bone Voyage can battle the Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island that are much more environment friendly than sand crabs.

*Crabs turn out to be unaggressive each 10 minutes at which level you must run out of the realm and are available again.

Ranges 60/70 – 99 Slayer

After all, the best strategy to play old style Runescape and prepare your fight is by doing slayer alongside your fight coaching. This received’t provide the quickest fight coaching EXP Charges however it will likely be a extra environment friendly model of enjoying, particularly if you wish to max your account. 

It’s suggested to attend till 70 fight so you may entry Chaeldar slayer grasp. You’ll even have entry to raised weapons and armour.

Coaching slayer at a low fight stage will likely be very gradual.

Ranges 60/70 – 99 Nightmare Zone

The nightmare zone is exclusive to old style runescape and never as appreciated by a large a part of the participant base. The reason is: it’s too simple to coach your fight. Yep you learn that proper, coaching on the nightmare zone could be performed 100% AFK. 

So if you wish to prepare your fight when you watch netflix, play on an ALT account or just do you’re employed/homework the nightmare zone is one of the best place to be. 

To entry the nightmare zone it’s a must to unlock a minimal of 5 quest bosses. The very best quest bosses for nightmare zone are:

  • Misplaced Metropolis
  • Battle Area
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Vampyre Slayer
  • The Grand Tree

Abstract: OSRS Fight Coaching Information

I hope the guidelines on this osrs fight coaching information might help you choose and create your individual path to advancing your fight stage in Outdated Faculty Runescape.

For individuals who need to be ultra-efficient: it’s a must to begin with waterfall quest. You’ll additionally need to full the opposite quests on the checklist ASAP.

Crabs are a terrific spot to start out out on and when you attain stage 60/70 you must begin coaching your fight with slayer.

Alternatively in case you’re feeling lazy you may AFK the nightmare zone when you watch netflix or work.


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