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EVE Online rolls out the first phase of quantum cores with today’s patch

, EVE Online rolls out the first phase of quantum cores with today’s patch, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

Constructions in EVE Online shouldn’t be haphazardly deployed as bait for confusion. That’s the fundamental thought behind the addition of quantum cores, placing extra stakes within the placement and upkeep of buildings in order that destroying them has a extra substantial affect. Today marks the first phase of the quantum core rollout, so gamers can purchase them and begin stocking up, however they received’t be necessary for brand spanking new or current buildings simply but; that shall be rolled out in later updates.

Nonetheless, now could be a superb time to begin making ready for getting these quantum cores put in, with each construction having a beneficial chunk on the coronary heart for enemies to loot so that you simply now not simply place partitions of buildings to waste time. You’ll be able to read through the whole development blog in case you’re inquisitive about precisely how quantum cores shall be wanted as soon as the complete deployment is on-line; for now, just start stocking up.


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