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World War Bee: Week 15

Week 15 of World Battle Bee had 13 battles and 18 complete hostile actions, per INN’s monitoring, roughly on par with last week’s 12 battles and 20 hostile actions. Querious and Delve dominated the headlines with a number of main fights in NPC Delve and SVM-3K, a key entrance level to Delve.

The ISK break up within the struggle zone of the Southwest unfold once more barely after the most important fights to 66.76% to 33.24% for the attackers. In theater, 36.four trillion ISK has been misplaced, up 7 trillion ISK from final week, with 310,500 ships misplaced, up 32,000 from final week. Throughout New Eden, since July 1, the ISK divide is now 56% to 44% in favor of the attackers, with 45.7 trillion ISK and 369,250 ships misplaced, up 7.5 trillion ISK and about 26,000 ships from final week. The struggle populations stay regular round 53,000 for the Imperium and 150,000 for PAPI. The common ship misplaced value round 123,755,000 ISK. A tough estimate of the true world value of the struggle is a minimum of 635,000 USD/476,000 GBP/533,500 EUR.

There have been 5 battles in week 15 that exceeded complete losses of 20 billion ISK. Two of the fights had been the Keepstar kills, which INN treats as inconclusive outcomes. One was a draw, whereas two had been successes for the PAPI coalition, including the unexpected failure of Operation Enho.

The 2 main theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring in addition to northern Delve) and the South (the remainder of Delve, Paragon Soul, Querious, Stain, Interval Foundation, and Esoteria).


As in earlier weeks, Fountain is basically all the way down to entosis warfare between The Initiative (INIT) and The Bastion versus enemies of the Imperium. Solely 5 methods in player-controlled Fountain have non-Imperium iHubs, whereas many methods haven’t any iHubs in any respect. Tuesday, nonetheless, did have some motion as Frenchswarm teams within the Imperium shocked a hostile gang in central Fountain, killing 4.3 billion ISK for 291 million ISK in losses.


Week 15 within the South started with Keepstar fight number three. The struggle in 319-3D started in tandem with the preliminary anchoring interval. Imperium scouts rapidly found the station as Pandemic Horde was trying to drop it in place. The Imperium rapidly scrambled protection fleets after which, for seven hours, the Imperium sieged the Keepstar with hundreds of ships, together with lots of of dreadnoughts, battleships, and battlecruisers. The Imperium traded 3,380 ships worth nearly 735 billion ISK to destroy the critical citadel, one of many least costly trades for a similar strategic goal of the Southern Theater. INN covered the action on its Twitch channel.

After the struggle cooled down and the 2 forces returned to their numerous staging methods, Imperium forces recurrently appeared on grid to contest evacuation ops to get PAPI ships residence. Over the next 11 hours, the Imperium destroyed 13.7 billion ISK for 2.9 billion ISK in losses. Whereas the Keepstar struggle itself was occurring, the Imperium’s Ranger Regiment and Dracarys fielded a Cerberus fleet and caught an Military of Mango Alliance Muninn fleet, killing 12.9 billion ISK for 4 million ISK lost.

After a largely quiet Monday, apart from the low stage battle simmering on the previous Keepstar grid, Tuesday was a bit busier as PAPI forces tried to assault SVM-3K and take down important infrastructure within the essential border system. The Imperium was in a position to save the Ansiblex soar bridge and the cyno jammer in system, but traded 85.5 billion ISK in losses for 38.6 billion ISK in kills. Later within the day, the Imperium’s Theta squad took again the iHub in W6V-VM, a system residence to an Imperium Keepstar, two jumps from certainly one of PAPI’s main staging methods in P-ZMZV.

Wednesday an Imperium bombing gang tried to defend the Ansiblex in 0-HDC8, one system south of SVM-3K. They had been unsuccessful as PandaFam efficiently destroyed the Ansiblex and only lost 2.6 billion ISK, whereas killing 6.6 billion ISK together with the soar bridge. The spotlight, nonetheless, of the day, was the Imperium’s aforementioned Operation Enho, the struggle on a Fortizar armor timer that led to one of many nice strategic gambits of the struggle. INN covered the action on its Twitch page.

As soon as the timer struggle was set, the Imperium staged 20 titans within the system, logged off with pre-assigned secure warp-ins. The Imperium believed that PAPI forces virtually all the time deployed supercarriers to the identical areas, permitting for mutual protection in offensive fights. This, nonetheless, would permit for a spectacular ambush of titan AOE doomsdays, with perhaps a pair dozen titans wiping out lots of of supercarriers. The Imperium examined the speculation as exhaustively as doable, besides they weren’t in a position to take a look at it in time dilation.

Because the struggle kicked off, the Imperium escalated to supercarriers and used them on the Fortizar grid to struggle towards the hostile dreadnoughts, chewing a great deal of them and welcoming PAPI supercarriers to the struggle. As if scripted, the supers loaded into the grid near the Fortizar, clumped collectively. The entice had been sprung because the bubbles went up round them and Imperium titans warped in and fired their mighty weapons. Ten minutes or extra handed by and the horrible reality started to daybreak – the server hadn’t registered the devastating hits, it was a horrid damp squib. From that time ahead, the remainder of the battle was largely mop-up as PAPI dropped titans to wipe out the helpless Imperium titans. The effort cost the Imperium 2.5 trillion ISK in exchange for 806.9 billion ISK on the PAPI side.

Thursday was fascinating as PAPI anchored their fourth Keepstar in Delve, catching the Imperium partially flat-footed as they tried to get dreadnoughts on grid to start pausing the timer, just for the titans on grid to doomsday and wipe them away. Shortly, the Imperium decided that there was too little time to complete stopping the ticking clock and determined to postpone the struggle to the onlining timer on Friday. The Imperium lost 31.8 billion ISK in the attempt. The remaining motion boiled down to 2 fights within the SVM-3K pipe. The Imperium caught a PAPI Ferox fleet, killing 7.1 billion ISK for roughly 2 billion ISK in losses. A bit later, the Imperium killed 2.1 billion ISK for 600 million ISK in losses.

Early Friday morning, the Imperium efficiently defended iHubs in SVM-3K and D-3GIQ. Friday’s action was mostly down to the 4th major Keepstar siege. Starting after mid-day EVE time, the siege prolonged 10 hours because the Imperium as soon as once more threw dreadnoughts, battleships, and drone boat battlecruisers on the citadel. The grid started flooding with the opposing sides shortly forward of the onlining timers, filling the system with crushing tidi and ostensibly stopping PandaFam from docking, manning the gunner’s seat, and putting in the important Quantum Core, giving the Imperium half an hour or extra of time to assault the Keepstar with no harm cap and no restore timer beginning. INN covered the action on its Twitch page.

The human wave siege cost the Imperium 1.2 trillion ISK and drew spotlight-intensity focus from the Imperium’s management. The forwards and backwards of the struggle offered immense human drama because the timer got here unpaused a number of occasions, getting as little as six minutes away from onlining in actual time. In the course of the struggle, a TEST entosis gang managed to take the iHub for RJ3H-0, a distant Interval Foundation system, and TCAG-3, a border system with Paragon Soul.

Sunday the PAPI coalition efficiently onlined a Keepstar in NPC Delve, their fifth try, though largely uncontested as Imperium pilots reported that they had been unable to load the grid and skilled crashes, even in efficiency mode. This was on account of 149 warp disruption bubbles fully surrounding the Keepstar, which denied the attackers the flexibility to land on its grid.


In the course of the Keepstar struggle, Dreadbomb caught a hyperspatial fit Brave Vendetta with nearly no tank.


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