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Apex Legends guns [Season 7]: weapon stats and best guns tier list

Apex Legends weapons [Season 7]: weapon stats and finest weapons tier checklist

Rating the easiest weapons in Apex Legends for Season 7

, Apex Legends guns [Season 7]: weapon stats and best guns tier list, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

, Apex Legends guns [Season 7]: weapon stats and best guns tier list, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

Our Apex Legends weapons & weapons information will stroll you thru all 24 weapons in Respawn’s phenomenal battle royale one after the other, together with detailed stats and opinions, and even a tier checklist rating all the finest weapons inside their respective courses. All updated as of Season 7! Ain’t that swell?

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Apex Legends weapon tier checklist – finest weapons in Season 7

Under I’ve created a useful desk of our rankings of each gun in Apex Legends inside their weapon class for Season 7. I’ve tried to have in mind the ability ranges of every weapon in addition to their dependency upon attachments. If you happen to like, consider it as a measure of which gun I’d decide up originally of a match with none attachments, taking into account the opportunity of augmenting it with attachments in a while.

S-Tier Cost Rifle, Kraber, Prowler, R-301 Carbine, R-99
A-Tier Devotion, Hemlok, Peacekeeper, Scout, Sentinel, Volt, Wingman
B-Tier EVA-8, Flatline, Longbow, Mastiff, Spitfire, Triple Take
C-Tier Alternator, Havoc, L-Star, RE-45
D-Tier Mozambique, P2020

Now, let’s get caught into how we took place these rankings, by taking an in-depth have a look at each weapon’s stats and behaviours in flip.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles in Apex Legends are the kings of mid-range encounters, and a few are even correct sufficient to interact with snipers over distances of a whole bunch of meters. Whereas they lack the sheer harm potential of different weapons, they’re dependable and highly effective killing machines in the event you package them out accurately.

Identify Ammo Harm DPS RPM Magazine Dimension Reload
R-301 Carbine Mild 14/28/11 190 816 18/20/25/28 2.4s/3.2s
VK-47 Flatline Heavy 19/38/14 190 600 20/25/28/30 2.4s/3.1s
G7 Scout Mild 34/60/26 136 240 10/15/18/20 2.4s/3.0s
Hemlok Heavy 22/39/17 236 643 18/24/27/30 2.4s/2.85s
Havoc Power 18/36/14 198 672 24/28/32/36 3.2s/3.2s


SMGs are fast-firing close-quarters monsters in Apex Legends. Their harm dropoff values and excessive recoil imply that they gained’t be a lot good at vary, however for frenetic indoor encounters or different close-quarters engagements, there’s nothing higher.

Identify Ammo Harm DPS RPM Magazine Dimension Reload
Alternator Mild 15/23/12 160 640 19/22/25/27 1.9s/2.23s
Prowler Distinctive 15/23/12 200 800 35 2.0s/2.6s
R-99 Mild 11/17/9 198 1,080 20/22/24/27 1.8s/2.45s
Volt Power 16/24/13 208 783 19/21/23/26 1.6s/2.25s


LMGs have the best sustained harm potential of any weapon class in Apex Legends. All of those highly effective weapons deal excessive harm at a reasonably quick price – so long as the photographs truly hit the enemy.

Identify Ammo Harm DPS RPM Magazine Dimension Reload
Devotion Power 16/32/14 240 900 36/40/44/48 2.8s/3.63s
L-Star Power 18/36/14 180 600 ~23 1.15s/2.45s
Spitfire Heavy 18/36/14 154 512 35/40/45/55 2.8s/3.33s


Notably on Olympus, with its lengthy sightlines and open areas, Sniper Rifles reign supreme. If you happen to don’t have at the least one Sniper in your staff, you’re placing your self at a drawback, as a result of these are the one weapons that may finish a combat in a single well-timed headshot.

Identify Ammo Harm DPS RPM Magazine Dimension Reload
Cost Rifle Sniper 45/56/45


30 8 3.6s/3.6s
Kraber Distinctive 145/435/116 87 36 4 3.2s/4.3s
Longbow Sniper 55/110/44 64 86 6/8/10/12 2.66s/3.66s
Sentinel Sniper 70/140/63 40 37.5 4/5/6/7 2.5s/3.6s
Triple Take Sniper 69/138/63 83 72 6/7/8/9 2.6s/3.4s


Shotguns are designed to deliver the ability of a Sniper Rifle into the close-quarters engagements of Apex Legends. A single blast from a Shotgun can cripple an enemy and halt their assault, however you’d higher match it with an computerized weapon if you wish to survive.

Identify Ammo Harm DPS RPM Magazine Dimension Reload
EVA-8 Shotgun 63/99/63 135 128 8 2.75s/3.0s
Peacekeeper Distinctive 110/143/88 110 58 5 2.45s/3.35s
Mozambique Shotgun 45/69/42 135 180 4 2.1s/2.6s


With Season 7 and the appearance of the Quickdraw Holster Hop-Up, Pistols are a extra viable secondary weapon than ever earlier than. Many take into account these sidearms to be solely suited to the early-game, however with the correct attachments and good goal, they will down an enemy very quickly in any respect.

Identify Ammo Harm DPS RPM Magazine Dimension Reload
P2020 Mild 15/23/14 108 430 12/14/16/18 1.25s/1.25s
RE-45 Mild 12/18/11 150 750 16/19/22/25 1.5s/1.95s
Wingman Heavy 45/90/41 117 156 5/6/7/8 2.1s/2.1s

Apex Legends weapons – regularly requested questions

Weapons and bullets in Apex Legends work just a little in another way from different battle royale video games akin to PUBG and Fortnite. I do know a number of new gamers are going to be asking the under questions, so I’ll simply undergo them shortly now:

  • Are any of the weapons hitscan? – Simply the Havoc and Cost Rifle beams. All different projectiles have journey time.
  • Is there bullet drop? – Sure. The quantity of drop is predicated on the bullet velocity of every weapon.
  • Is there harm drop-off? – Simply the Havoc and Cost Rifle beams. Nonetheless, there’s a completely different max headshot vary for every weapon, past which a headshot will not deal bonus headshot harm.
  • Does every gun have a predictable spray sample? – Sure. Spend time studying the spray patterns of every gun within the Firing Vary, it’ll significantly enable you in fights.
  • Is there goal drift? – Sure. There’s a quick second of stillness when first ADSing, after which you’ll begin to drift. Equipping Inventory attachments minimizes goal drift. For more information, try our Apex Legends attachments information.
  • Do completely different weapons scale back motion in several methods? – Sure, however solely whereas ADSing. With out ADSing your gun has no bearing in your run velocity. However when ADSing, your motion will likely be lowered based mostly on the category of gun you’re holding.
  • Does taking harm sluggish you down? – Sure. Taking harm from any weapon (not only a Heavy Rounds weapon, which many gamers appear to imagine is the case) will trigger a quick slowdown. However Legends with the “Fortified” Passive (Gibraltar and Caustic) are resistant to this slowdown.

If you happen to’re extra thinking about stepping into the nitty-gritty for a particular weapon such because the R-301 Carbine, the Peacekeeper, or the Sentinel, then simply click on on any of the hyperlinks under to go over to our particular person weapon guides. These pages go into way more element about particular person stats for every weapon, from harm per second (DPS) and hearth price to the time-to-kill (TTK) in opposition to enemies carrying completely different ranges of armour and helmets.

Assault Rifles VK-47 Flatline, Havoc, Hemlok, R-301 Carbine, G7 Scout
SMGs Alternator, Prowler, R-99, Volt
LMGs Devotion, L-Star EMG, M600 Spitfire
Shotguns EVA-8 Auto, Mastiff, Mozambique, Peacekeeper
Snipers Charge Rifle, Kraber .50-CAL, Longbow DMR, Sentinel, Triple Take
Pistols P2020, RE-45 Auto, Wingman


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