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						Shadowlands Launch Cinematic Upscaled to 4K, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub


This one did not take lengthy, because the launch trailer from only some days in the past has been upscaled already! Sadly we do not get it int he 48 FPS model as apparently some complained about it to SnazzyAI, however 4K is sort of sufficient, as we get to see the zones in much more cinematic element (and the ending yeet can be extra yeety).


I used to be actually ready for this! Thanks SnazzyAI! 

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We’re altering issues up a bit this week, as our evaluation of the state of the specs will likely be specializing in Shadowlands as a substitute of the pre-patch. However fear not, the precise numbers are nonetheless right here and nonetheless indicating who’s the highest canine, as Affliction is basically pulling forward and, as Motoko clarifies, will stay one of many stronger specs in SL as nicely. Additionally, the same old disclaimer: among the outcomes will not be fairly as they appear, resulting from under-representation, and it’s best to try our article on the reliability of the logs to get a greater perspective on them and their relevance.

*The beneath rankings are for this previous week, earlier than right now’s class tuning.

The 95th percentile Affliction has pulled forward as soon as extra after final week’s fall to Arcane, as Elemental pushes via simply behind SP, passing by Unholy and Fireplace.

Knowledge by Warcraft Logs.

Within the total chart Affliction is definitely forward by a a lot larger margin, as Beast Mastery retains its 4th place and Unholy pushes previous Fireplace.

Knowledge by Warcraft Logs.

The spec illustration for this week, as Survival, Enhancement, Frost DK and extra actually did not see a lot play in any respect.

Knowledge by Warcraft Logs.

And now we’ve got our information writers inform us about what the specs can stay up for in Shadowlands, as we check out the highest and backside, with much more specs getting coated subsequent week.

Affliction Warlock by Motoko:

Arcane Mage by Dutchmagoz:

Shadow Priest by Publik:

Elemental Shaman by Stormy:

Beast Grasp Hunter by Azortharion:

And at last let’s extra in the direction of the underside of the present standings.

Windwalker Monk by Babylonius:

We’ll cowl much more specs within the closing entry subsequent week as nicely. In the meantime, you’ll be able to try much more particulars on the specs within the pre-patch by trying out our class guides, and you too can try final week’s DPS rankings the place we took a take a look at the latest class tuning results.

Some class adjustments, Mollie mount now drops once more, twitter integration and extra get hotfixed right now!

November 18 (supply)


Demon Hunter


Disrupt (Rank 2), Disrupt (Rank 3), Eat Magic (Rank 2), Immolation Aura (Rank 2), and Spectral Sight (Rank 2) bonus results are actually correctly granted when unlocked.


Sigil of Silence (Rank 2) is now unlocked at stage 47 (was stage 48).



Resolved a problem that prevented Shiv essential strikes from producing further combo factors with Seal Destiny.

Creatures and NPCs

Mounted a problem that precipitated Dunegorger Kraulok to not drop the mount, Mollie. Gamers that beforehand defeated Dunegorger Kraulok can defeat it once more for an opportunity at its loot.

Objects and Rewards

The repeatable treasures in Tanaan Jungle now grant decreased expertise.

Participant versus Participant

Mounted a problem within the Twin Peaks battleground the place flag carriers standing on the flip in level don’t routinely seize the flag if the enemy flag is returned.


Approach: Glyph of the Lightspawn now appropriately requires Legion Inscription to be taught the brand new ability.

Ore and herbs situated contained in the Draenor Garrison now not grant expertise when gathered.

Person Interface

Mounted a problem that eliminated the flexibility to hook up with Twitter and publish tweets from in recreation.


After this week’s patch it appears some gamers are very caught at stage 49! Many used the XP lock perform on the capital metropolis NPCs to have the ability to end up expansions, since Chromie Time boots you out of the scaling as quickly as you hit 50. For as soon as it wasn’t the zombie occasion’s fault, as many gamers have been reporting that the NPCs now not have the choice to unlock their XP now that they’ve performed via the growth and determined to get again to leveling and ding 50.


I attempted to copy the problem, but it surely labored usually on the EU Horde aspect. There’s a resolution, nevertheless, as apparently getting invited to a bunch ought to repair it, as a number of gamers have resolved the problem that method.

It is a little bit of a double mess for Blizzard, because the Chromie Time kicking you out while you ding max was a reasonably dangerous concept to start with (though I am positive that they had their causes), and now in case you took the one method round that to expertise earlier expansions correctly, you would be locked out of hitting 50 till the bug is fastened – however hopefully the get together invite resolution will assist everybody affected out.

Listed below are the threads that the problem has popped up in:

Methods to unlock XP? NPC would not have choice to unlock

Behsten NPC will not let me flip XP again on. Bug?

Cannot unlock my XP?

Blizzard posted an replace on how they improved graphical constancy within the recreation.


We respect that AMD made it potential for us to replace World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to incorporate their FidelityFX Mixed Adaptive Compute Ambient Occlusion (CACAO), a brand new implementation of screen-space ambient occlusion. That is an impact utilized in World of Warcraft to enhance graphical constancy. Right here’s a little bit of a deep dive into what CACAO is, why it was built-in into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, and what was gained by doing so.

What’s AO?

Ambient Occlusion (AO) is the idea in graphics the place the general lightness affecting a floor in an setting is diminished by the presence of different close by surfaces. These different surfaces block, or occlude, among the non-directional scattered gentle within the scene from reaching the affected floor.

Take into consideration a automotive on the freeway on a sunny morning. The automotive would have each a shadow – a pointy define of the silhouette of the automotive solid reverse the route of the solar – and a softly shaded space on the street beneath, more-or-less centered on the automotive. On a really overcast day, the automotive might not have a lot of a shadow, however the shaded space beneath would nonetheless be obvious.

AO mimics the shading impact underneath the automotive which isn’t its direct shadow. Subjectively, AO provides delicate visible cues concerning the proximity of surfaces within the scene whereas making the ensuing picture seem much less flat.

Switching to CACAO

FidelityFX CACAO is an AO method just like the one utilized in Battle for Azeroth, with optimizations, and it’s applied in compute. The hope right here is that by switching to this new implementation, gamers would get the identical look with a smaller efficiency value. CACAO additionally provides a brand new reduced-resolution working mode, which promised a a lot slimmer efficiency profile with minimal degradation to visible high quality. By being solely applied in compute, CACAO could be offloaded onto the compute queue, to run in parallel with graphics, though that has not but been taken benefit of for Shadowlands.

Steps to Get There

Integrating FidelityFX CACAO into World of Warcraft went easily; the general method is so just like the earlier AO that it may simply be dropped in as a substitute, consuming the identical inputs to provide related output. As a supply code distribution, CACAO contains help out-of-the-box for DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs. Since WoW targets DirectX 11 and 12 on Home windows and Metallic API on MacOS, there was a modest porting effort concerned to get the method working via the API abstraction layer for duties similar to useful resource administration and command record building.

Fortuitously, since WoW’s shader packages are (principally) written in HLSL, only a few adjustments have been wanted to the DirectX 12 model of the CACAO shaders, the place a lot of the logic that implements the method is.

The Outcomes

FidelityFX CACAO in full-resolution mode produces outcomes which might be visually indistinguishable from our earlier implementation and yields a modest efficiency enchancment on most graphics playing cards, particularly newer architectures with extra mature compute capabilities. On most methods, nevertheless, we’ve elected to use the reduced-resolution mode, which produces outcomes which might be practically pretty much as good with a considerable enchancment in efficiency throughout all suitable gadgets.

Blizzard simply posted their official take a look at all of the Shadowlands dungeons, all eight of them throughout the totally different zones.

Shadowlands Dungeons (supply)

New adventures await throughout the eight new dungeons in Shadowlands—Four leveling dungeons and Four max-level dungeons. Adventurers will acquire entry to every of the leveling dungeons as they progress via the zones of Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth.

Dungeons of Bastion

The Necrotic Wake

In an unthinkable act of treachery, forces from Maldraxxus, the realm charged with defending the Shadowlands, have invaded the Temple of Braveness. They’ve pillaged anima and brought slaughtered kyrian to gas their darkish practices. If left unchecked, the necrotic forces of the necropolis Zolramas will pillage Bastion leaving destruction of their wake.

Stage: 51
Bosses: 4
Issue: Regular, Heroic, Mythic

Blightbone: The corpulent mass of rotting flesh referred to as Blightbone was lovingly constructed by Surgeon Stitchflesh. Now the abomination is keen to be unleashed on the Temple of Braveness.

Armarth, The Harvester: Amarth oversees the harvesting of corpses from atop the undead monstrosity Bonefang, flying above the battle. The sadistic commander destroyed the Hand of Braveness, and now comes for his or her Paragon.

Surgeon Stitchflesh: Surgeon Stitchflesh is the mastermind behind the grisly abominations which might be deployed from the floating fortress of Zolramas. He bends to his job with maniacal fervor, crafting the flesh of fallen enemies into undead constructs for use in Maldraxxus’ wars.

Nalthor the Rimebinder: From atop the flying ziggurat Zolramas, Nalthor the Rimebinder instructions the forces attacking Bastion. The conniving lich plans to rain frozen magic and loss of life on the pristine lands of Bastion.

Spires of Ascension

Floating among the many clouds and representing the head of kyrian beliefs, the Spires of Ascension is the Archon’s seat of energy. Unquestioned and unchallenged for numerous eons, the rule of Bastion has all the time embodied the virtues of obligation and repair. However with drought and instability inflicting fractures within the perception system of the Ascended, the Archon’s reign faces an unimaginable peril as one in every of her most trusted followers falls underneath the sway of the darkest of evils.

Stage: 60
Bosses: 4
Issue: Heroic, Mythic

Kin-Tara: Whereas kyrian aspirants needed to wait patiently through the anima drought for his or her overdue ascension, the Forsworn have been unafraid to grant their trustworthy wings. Kin-Tara proved herself to the darkish kyrian and discovered to dominate the sky as quickly as she ascended. Whereas she stands, the Spires of Ascension will belong to Devos.

Ventunax: Ventunax is without doubt one of the deadliest Forsworn constructs, initially designed to check the braveness of kyrian aspirants. The Praetorian’s actions are so fast she will appear to vanish earlier than her enemies’ eyes.

Oryphrion: Oryphrion is the firepower within the Paragon of Loyalty’s vanguard. The Darkish Colossus has dominated the invasion into the town with their Anima fueled artillery, and now fiercely defends the font of energy earlier than the Archon’s seat.

Devos, Paragon of Doubt: Devos was the very image of loyalty till a soul with a troubling previous arrived in Bastion. Her doubt overwhelmed her till she fell into open rebel, aided by the darkest powers of the Shadowlands. Seizing the Spires of Ascension is simply step one and the destruction of the Archon is now inside her grasp.

Dungeons of Maldraxxus


Beneath the ruined Home of Plagues, lies one of the vital damaging forces Maldraxxus has ever identified. Those that covet this energy search the plague-ridden particles in a race to assert this weapon for themselves. Whoever captures this prize will maintain the destiny of the Shadowlands of their clutches.

Stage: 53
Bosses: 4
Difficulties: Regular, Heroic, Mythic

Globgrog: The precise nature of the plagues and oozes disgorged by the Home of Plague’s fall might by no means be deciphered, however the assortment of slimes and flesh that turned Globgrog will guard this treasure fanatically.

Physician Ickus: The destruction of the Home of Plagues and the slime eruptions left in its wake is not going to cease the presumed genius of Physician Ickus and his deranged experiments.

Domina Venomblade: Domina Venomblade believes the instrument of her revenge for the autumn of the Home of Eyes rests with Plaguefall. Nobody, not even her former allies will preserve her from gaining the weapon hidden in these ruins.

Margrave Stradama: It was believed that Margrave Stradama was destroyed within the explosion that introduced down her home. In reality the explosion reworked her right into a monstrous new kind, driving her mad, and leaving her on the coronary heart of the fallen Home of Plagues.

Theater of Ache

In Maldraxxus you need to continuously be examined and measured as the very best to defend the Shadowlands. One of the best place to show your self is the Theater of Ache. Throngs of contenders face off for the hope of going through one of many champions. Brutality! Mayhem! Violence! And naturally, Ache! Solely the strongest grow to be champions of their home, and just one could be the strongest.

Stage: 60
Bosses: 5
Difficulties: Heroic, Mythic

An Affront of Challengers: Champions are usually not combating simply anybody. First contenders combat amongst themselves to see that are worthy. Dessia the Decapitator, Paceran the Virulant, and Sathel the Accursed have introduced their disparate combating types collectively to knock out different contenders. They are going to crush any who stand between them and the title match.

Gorechop: As hungry for victory as he’s for brand new components, Gorechop is able to present the Home of Constructs can construct the higher warrior. Since arriving in Maldraxxus, he has earned each piece of his physique, however he isn’t above discovering one thing new on a challenger.

Xav the Unfallen: Xav has fought and defeated so many foes that there’s a line of contenders battling for his or her flip. If somebody could make their well beyond them, Xav will relish a worthy problem.

Kul’tharok: Kul’tharok is a grasp of the necromantic arts and reveals that brute power isn’t the one option to the highest. The trail to victory is thru his maze of magic portals, after which previous his necrotic onslaught.

Mordretha, the Countless Empress: Countless battles and countless victories, Mordretha has bested each opponent who has challenged her. In life she was a grasp of darkish magic and her time in Maldraxxus has solely expanded that data. Is that this the title match the Theater of Ache has been ready for?

Dungeons of Ardenweald

Mists of Tirna Scithe

Stage: 55
Bosses: 3
Difficulties: Regular, Heroic Mythic

The plush grove referred to as Tirna Scithe has ever been diligently protected by the fae folks, for it’s a sacred place mentioned to carry historic secrets and techniques. Legends warn that an unwary traveler may discover themselves misplaced for an eternity wandering its numerous mist-shrouded paths. However as drought depletes the forests of Ardenweald, enemies search to plunder the grove’s potent magic. Even the realm’s native denizens are pushed by starvation and desperation to eat that which the Winter Queen holds most expensive.

Ingra Maloch: Cursed to exist exterior the cycle of Life and Loss of life, the Drust now search to avoid their destiny utilizing Ardenweald’s mechanisms of Rebirth. Their would-be conquest has discovered its option to Tirna Scithe, the place Ingra Maloch and his followers use foul magic to subjugate the native inhabitants.

Mistcaller: Tirna Scithe is defended by power of arms, but additionally crafty. The playful Mistcaller has used the mists to confuse and disorient invaders. With the Drust assault, the Mistcaller can not simply inform buddy from foe, and solely after her puzzles and video games are defeated are you able to safely attain the guts of Tirna Scithe.

Tred’ova: The gorm have been chewing on the edges of Ardenweald, devouring desiccated husks of the lifeless. The beast referred to as Tred’ova has gorged herself on one thing way more treasured, the wildseed of Lakali, loa of data. Now that Tred’ova has tasted the loa’s energy and knowledge, she hungers for greater than survival.

De Different Facet (Most Stage Dungeon)

Bwonsamdi has saved a secret place within the Shadowlands he refers to as De Different Facet. When the lifeless began funneling into the Maw, Bwondsamdi hid a number of souls in his little area, retaining his troll followers protected. However this broke an outdated take care of Mueh’zala and now the traditional loa has come to reap these souls and destroy their caretaker. Bwonsamdi will need assistance amassing on a few of his different dealings if he’s to outlive this onslaught and defend the souls inside.

Stage: 60
Bosses: 4
Difficulties: Heroic, Mythic

Hakkar the Soulflayer: Even the presence of Hakkar the Soulflayer has precipitated turmoil on Azeroth. Violence and plague mark his blood and his immeasurable energy. His trustworthy fought for him until loss of life, and past. Giving up energy has by no means been his method, even when it’s not his personal.

The Manastorms: Absolute honesty and belief are what makes Millicent and Milhouse Manastorm such an influence couple. Nicely, honesty, belief, staggering magic, and experimental know-how. Combining the 4 components in good concord makes the Manastorms essentially the most lethal, harmful, and disastrous couple wherever.

Supplier Xy’exa: Supplier Xy’exa is a crafty aquisitionist wielding an array of magical contrivances that she has collected over the millennia. She depends on particular manipulation to remain one step forward of the innumerable enemies she’s made in her dealings.

Mueh’zala: Father of Sleep, Son of Time, the Evening’s Buddy. Mueh’zala ushered the lifeless of Azeroth lengthy earlier than Bwonsamdi made his first deal. He is aware of a god ought to rule, not beg for servants and worshipers. The plans he laid in historic instances to reclaim that energy are coming to fruition, as soon as he offers along with his rebellious substitute.

Dungeons of Revendreth

Halls of Atonement

Underneath the Accuser, the Halls of Atonement have been a tribute to Revendreth’s mission. Whereas the halls rang with struggling and sin, it was all directed to redeeming the souls and retaining them from falling into the Maw. However the lately promoted Lord Chamberlain has bent the corridor’s goal to egocentric reaping of anima, usually to the purpose of leaving souls unable to be redeemed. Somebody must put an finish to the depravity that has grown inside these partitions.

Stage: 57
Bosses: 4
Difficulties: Regular, Heroic, Mythic

Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath: Sinstones are supposed to be inert data of previous transgressions. The machinations of the wicked venthyr have allowed Halkias an enormous golem, to develop from the ability of uncared for sinstones. The Lord Chamberlain’s forces have struggled to include it, splitting its anima throughout a number of sinstone golem shards.

Echelon: The mighty stoneborn referred to as Echelon has all the time held outsiders, particularly mortals, in contempt. He watched the Halls of Atonement from the sky and can crush any who try and transgress the edge.

Excessive Adjudicator Aleez: Inside the Halls of Atonement, previous the courtyard and gargoyles, is a church not like any seen on Azeroth. That is the place the Excessive Adjudicator Aleez presides over a congregation of spirits, spreading the darkish phrase of Sire Denathrius to the undeserving.

Lord Chamberlain: The Lord Chamberlain climbed steadily and mercilessly via the ranks of venthyr society, changing into a Harvester by aiding within the seize of the rebellious Accuser. Now he guidelines the Accuser’s halls, hoarding anima and turning the sacred means of atonement to his personal deviant functions.

Sanguine Depths

Far beneath Fort Nathria lies the Sanguine Depths, a jail created to deal with Sire Denathrius’s most intriguing dissidents. Prisoners listed here are saved for eons, drained of their anima for analysis and research. The Sinfall resistance is aware of of a selected prisoner right here that helps tip the stability of their combat with Sire Denathrius to their favor and have requested for help in extracting them.

Stage: 60
Bosses: 4
Difficulties: Heroic, Mythic

Kryxis the Voracious: Kryxis the Voracious sensed the anima shops deep throughout the Sanguine Depths, and his lust to eat this vitality has pushed him to insanity. With the latest tear that has shaped in Revendreth, Kryxis has discovered a method into these catacombs and goals to empty each final drop of anima out of the subterranean storage home.

Executor Tarvold: Many venthyr contemplate the torment of their costs and the extraction of sins and anima their sacred obligation. The creature referred to as Executor Tarvold being set as warden and allowed to take its sick pleasure in torturing the prisoners right here reveals the depravity Revendreth has fallen to.

Grand Proctor Beryllia: There are only some sufficiently old to know if Grand Proctor Beryllia discovered her ruthless type of research in Revendreth or if she by no means really gave up that exact sin. The cruelty she used to grasp the magic of anima has been turned on a really peculiar new prisoner, the naaru Z’rali. She is going to command this creature’s Mild it doesn’t matter what it prices her prisoner.

Basic Kaal: Basic Kaal stands as one in every of Sire Denathrius’s predominant generals overseeing his operations in Revendreth. Robust, agile, and filled with guile Basic Kaal makes use of her agility and anima-infused nature to get rid of all who would stand in opposition to her grasp.




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