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“We will go on to the tip. We will combat in Delve, we will combat in T5Z, we will combat in 1DQ, and E3O-I; we will by no means give up, even when, which I don’t for a second consider, this Area or a big a part of it had been subjugated and ravenous, then our mining empire in highsec, guarded by CONCORD, shall keep it up the battle, till, in god’s good time, the rebuilt Imperium, with all their energy and may, steps forth to the rescue and liberation of Delve” – Offended Mustache, channeling the spirit of Churchill

Backs In opposition to The Wall: How We Win

We’ve got reached the fulcrum section of this battle: the enemy has now staged subsequent door to us and is getting ready for assaults on 1DQ1. Their technique – which relies upon upon defending their iHubs in Delve for 35 days straight – has faltered towards our relentless counterattacks as we commerce hubs every day.

TEST has introduced their intention to desert Esoteria and relocate to Delve and stay on prime of us. As CCP continues to nerf the nullsec financial system and with the Quantum Core patch approaching on January 12, everybody concerned on this battle towards us is below great pressure.

Regardless of every thing thrown at us, we’re on monitor to win our battle. If we maintain out by way of this era, victory is ours. If we falter, we’ll lose completely every thing we now have. That is essentially the most vital interval of the battle, the place the results are cranked as much as most for each us and the enemy, the place each ship, each second counts.

And we’ll win our battle.

I exploit that language – ‘our battle’ – rigorously. Because the defenders, the Imperium faces two hostile blocs, blocs with totally different goals, casus belli and victory situations.

Panfam needs to kick our ass as a result of we now have, up to now, kicked their asses. Legacy seeks our annihilation as a web-based gaming group, our elimination from EVE On-line itself, and to stay within the area we now name dwelling. Panfam – Horde particularly – has been chargeable for blowing up a disturbing quantity of Imperium citadels and have performed the yeoman’s work of this battle. Whereas Panfam does the work, Legacy’s leaders run victory laps on discuss reveals whereas complaining behind closed doorways about how drained they’re.

Our battle is considered one of survival itself, holding Delve towards unattainable odds towards the most important conglomeration of bads within the historical past of on-line gaming. And we’ll win, barring fuckups, treachery, or different black swan occasions.

Nevertheless, if shit goes utterly sideways, let the file present that Panfam ought to get the credit score for any win. The fact of this battle from the very begin was that Panfam would come out a winner. Regardless of who loses, Legacy or the Imperium, Panfam’s place will probably be strengthened. I are inclined to preserve monitor of the macro-level stuff by way of anticipated worth, and in virtually each situation this battle was extraordinarily +ev for Panfam.

If I used to be of their place, I’d attempt to smash our faces in as a lot as doable too. If considered one of their battle targets is to get us to confess that they’ve completely glassed tons of our shit and performed great financial injury to us, we won’t argue towards this: we’re preventing for our survival towards Legacy and completely every thing we now have is being sacrificed in direction of attaining that aim. And we’ll do it once more.

In the meantime, TEST has outdone themselves on this battle in a single vital approach – as you may anticipate from a bunch that calls ~center administration dino~ their mascot, they’ve grow to be the bureaucrats and center managers of this battle, taking the credit score for another person’s work. Their largest achievement has been freeloading on their allies’ labors, siphoning their strategy to success whereas taking credit score – and naps – for themselves.

Panfam could also be preventing to explode a bunch of our shit – and have succeeded at that – however towards Legacy we’re preventing for our dwelling, and extra importantly we’re preventing for one another. We’ll win, as a result of our folks proceed to man the battlements and present up for timer after timer. We’ll win as a result of there is no such thing as a one else who has, 12 months after 12 months, battle after battle, been prepared to weaponize their cussed endurance/autism greater than we now have. We’ll win due to your continued willpower within the face of strain that may immediately shatter lesser coalitions.

I’m extremely happy with all of you – stick with it, we’ve bought this.

“One-ship two-ship three-ship 4
How did Goon win their dropping battle?”

— Kids’s playground rhyme
Legacy Remnant House
7L9-ZC, Omist, YC 123

The Doom Clock

Our path to victory will depend on destroying enemy infrastructure hubs in our techniques with Keepstars earlier than 35 days cross. If an iHub survives greater than 35 days, and thus hits the suitable strategic index within the system (stage 4), the enemy will set up jammers after which use the quilt of a cynojammer to assault our Keepstars. If the enemy is baited or pissed off into attacking our Keepstars and not using a jammer, we consider these engagements favor us and that we will make them pay a horrible worth – that’s how we get their supercap fleet, on defensive Keepstar timers in unjammed techniques. But when we fuck up, the hostiles will put jammers over our Keepstars and attempt to delete them the low-risk Legacy approach.

To maintain monitor of this Sword of Damocles hanging over our Keepstars, our devs have whipped collectively an app we now have taken to calling the Doom Clock. Examine it day by day and unfold it round.

tl;dr: we should kill hostile hubs earlier than the doom clock for every hits zero days. use the doom clock. hack them, go on ops to kill them, be part of GSFOE, do corp hacking ops, snipe their hackers, do no matter it takes to proceed resetting the doom clock earlier than it his zero in every of these techniques

That is an all-hands-on-deck strategic goal – an goal which has been defended by many people as people, as sigs, and in corp ops – along with fixed mainfleet motion. We all know this technique works since you superb bastards have been making it occur, ever because the first pubbie iHub was shat onto our entrance porch after which spontaneously ejected by pissed off Goons.

You guys have been killing so a lot of this stuff that the dangerous guys have stopped bothering to interchange the iHubs we kill, and we all know their hackers aren’t having any enjoyable repeatedly getting owned night time after night time.

This isn’t simply vital and mandatory – it’s one thing we’re fairly fucking good at. , WAR UPDATE: OUR FINEST HOUR, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

“ares stiletto raptor claw
none had been a match for the outdated jackdaw”
– ibid

The Huge Blurfin’ ~SPACEWAR STRATEGY~ Cool Zone

The battle has been happening for almost six months, and the hostile technique has been remarkably constant all through. Let’s evaluate!

The Passpi Technique:

  • Try and terrify the Imperium into giving up and going away by dropping Keepstars at us, then persevering with as if nothing occurred after we fail to surrender and go away (spoiler: this failed).
  • Keep away from fights the place they lack an awesome, unassailable benefit – helldunk or blueballs all the way in which.
  • Glass every thing smaller than a Keepstar that they’ll blow up.
  • Destroy our Ihubs; put down their very own iHubs after which maintain them for 35 days to allow a Passpi cynojammer.
  • When a Passpi jammer is put in, deploy their supers below jammer cowl to destroy our Keepstars.

This technique is a product of compromise between Panfam and Legacy. Panfam, who’ve been doing the overwhelming majority of the particular work of preventing us and blowing up our shit, doesn’t need to await jammers to on-line. They’re prepared to take fights on our Keepstars with out jammers and produce issues to a conclusion – both we achieve defending our Keepstars, or we lose them and get swept out of the area.

Legacy doesn’t need to combat with out the quilt of jammers, as a result of they perceive – fairly fairly – that even in a situation the place we lose a titan fleet in a megabattle, we might take TEST down with us and they’re going to have nice issue rebuilding their strategic forces.

As we now have promised that TEST is Subsequent, they’re not essentially being cowards or idiots about insisting upon having jammers up earlier than risking their supercap fleet, and Panfam wants these Legacy supers on the sphere to win within the first place – for this reason a lot relies upon upon the Doom Clock and stopping the enemy from getting jammers on-line.

The Imperium Technique:

  • Use our citadels to burn out the enemy and purchase time to degrade enemy numbers as finest we will, accepting {that a} great variety of them will die for the reason for our survival.
  • Destroy hostile iHubs to stop them reaching the 35-day mark.
  • Safe property in Keepstars and in Helm’s Deep whereas digging in ever additional in Delve.
  • Struggle set-piece battles on our Keepstars – the place the power multiplier impact offers us the best possibilities of victory.
  • Be richer than the opposite guys so the smaller hostile alliances go bankrupt.

There’s a bunch of different shit in there which I received’t spell out as a result of that’d be dumb, however the above is clear. Placing strain on Legacy’s core at any time when we will to degrade their group and put together for our revenge rampage, a bunch of metagame fuckery like deleting REQ, and the standard Imperium-at-Hellwar stuff we do additionally goes into our technique.

However none of that actually issues as a result of the battle has boiled all the way down to a single central battle: they should get jammers up earlier than they hit our retains, which suggests they’ve to carry their iHubs for 35 days. We need to cease them, and to this point have been fairly profitable in doing so. If we proceed to succeed, we’ll win – or power the enemy to assault with out jammer cowl, at which level we both win or lose based mostly on our potential to defend retains in open battle, which is a situation we consider is favorable to us.

T5ZI: A Keepstar Too Far

I feel that deploying into T5ZI was a significant error on the a part of the enemy. They assumed that we might shatter and evac after T5ZI went up as a result of gosh, yet one more Keepstar in Delve – this time it’s even nearer to 1DQ1!!!! – however because the enemy ignores our retains till they’ll get jammers up, so can also we ignore enemy retains till we now have the stability of forces required to hit them again.

The scenario jogs my memory of Burn Jita; as they’re proper subsequent door, we now have been in a position to mud off our Jita-style suicide ganking strategies to nuke their recons and different beneficial ships on their Keepstar with throwaway destroyers. If that they had stayed in YZ9, this sort of relentless harassment wouldn’t be doable.

Stick with it~


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