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Prime 10 Needs for 2021

As I write this, there are scant few hours left within the 12 months 2020, the annus horribilis. Within the spirit of eternal hope and boundless optimism, right here’s to 2021 being a greater 12 months.

Within the spirit of the brand new 12 months and resolutions, listed here are my high 10 issues I want to see occur in EVE to make 2021 an important 12 months.

  1. Respect for the gamers. I’m not alone within the notion that CCP has a sure disdainful view of their participant base. Preemptively dismissing any participant suggestions to modifications left the participant base with a quite poor style of their mouth. Of the tens of hundreds of those who play this recreation, there are plenty of extremely sensible individuals. Even when CCP disagrees, they will work together with their gamers with much less conceitedness than the Goa’uld.
  2. Empress Jamyl to come back again. I actually, really need this and don’t care how. She simply wants to come back again. I nonetheless haven’t gotten over her brutal homicide by the hands of CCP devs Drifters.
  3. One thing to be finished about cloaking. My latest article on cloaking garnered extra feedback than some other piece INN ran this 12 months.  Clearly there are robust emotions on either side of the argument.  Nevertheless, I believe that it’s fairly clear one thing should be finished about cloaking.
  4. Higher PVE. PVE in EVE is the worst in any MMO I’ve ever performed. It’s repetitive, fundamental, boring, and mind-numbing. Sadly, making a greater PVE expertise is likely to be a mission taking years whereas recreation methods are revamped, however CCP can get began in 2021.
  5. Extra huge supercapital brawls! M2 was a good way to finish 2020 with a bang. 254 bangs to be precise, plus many smaller bangs. Nice job to everybody concerned. 
  6. Empress Catiz to get replaced by the resurrected Empress Jamyl. Do I want to elucidate this? Catiz is a bust of an Empress. Saint Jamyl was a dynamic determine that was nice for the storyline.
  7. Weekly downtime! The moonshot of my want record. I hope that 2021 brings the tip of each day downtime and a change to a weekly upkeep cycle. If CCP desires to get common love from all of the gamers, that is the way in which.
  8. Fixing titans and supercarriers. Ideally, everybody with a titan and/or a supercarrier would get up someday with a pile of minerals of their hangar the place an overpowered ship was. Since that received’t occur, CCP ought to hold paring them right down to one thing lower than overpowered.  The financial system isn’t the problem; the ships are the problem. So long as titans retain their apex benefit, individuals will hold constructing as many as they will.
  9. A greater server. The EVE server is the most effective, however fighter command in time dilation is the worst. The server can all the time be higher. This could not take away from the truth that the server held up extraordinarily effectively within the battle of M2.
  10. This isn’t EVE associated in any respect, however I need to have the ability to kill individuals with my thoughts. Do you, expensive reader, have any thought how a lot much less stress I must endure if I may do that?! Immoral: sure. Unethical: completely. Unlawful: extraordinarily. Satisfying: very. The subsequent time I handled a Karen, I might cease having to take care of a Karen.

Effectively, right here’s to a greater 2021 to everybody.


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