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World Struggle Bee: Week 28

Week 28 of World Struggle Bee picked up from a quieter week 27, with 29 fights and 39 whole hostile actions. Delve and Catch had been very busy with various massive fights, though Querious and others noticed fights.

INN’s Cumulative theater tracker stays damaged as a result of some database points, however the battle report might be found here. Throughout New Eden, since July 1, the ISK break up is now 53.98% to 46.02% in favor of the Imperium, one other enhance in favor of the Imperium in (doubtlessly a seventh straight week). Whereas the battle report’s calculation for PAPI forces has damaged, INN has hand-calculated their losses, and all belligerents have now misplaced 115.2 trillion ISK, a rise of 5.1 trillion since week 26. 675,900 ships have been destroyed, a rise of 45,900 since week 26. The common ship misplaced price 170.Four million ISK, a discount of 4.6 million ISK. The actual world price of the warfare is at least 1,714,000 USD/1,285,000 GBP/1,440,000 EUR.

There have been 9 battles in week 28 that exceeded 20 billion ISK in whole losses, excluding the border skirmish battle report of 1DQ1-A/T5ZI-S and the M2-XFE hellcamp. Six of the battles had been strategic wins for the Imperium, one battle was a draw, and two had been strategic wins for the PAPI coalition.

The three main theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring in addition to western Delve), the South (the remainder of Delve, Querious, and Interval Foundation), and the East (Paragon Soul, Stain, and Esoteria).


The North had continued disparate raids and small group battles. The majority of the motion was relegated to the M2-XFE hellcamp because the Imperium continued to put siege to tons of of PAPI titans believed to be trapped on-grid, logged-off.

Sunday’s hell camp was motion packed as a TEST titan tried to flee, however was caught. The Imperium killed 102 billion ISK for 3.1 billion in losses. Monday noticed the hellcamp kill 13.3 billion ISK for 6.1 billion in losses. Tuesday noticed various PAPI capitals sacrifice themselves in a break-out try, with the Imperium killing 38.4 billion ISK for 1.6 billion in losses. Wednesday’s hellcamp noticed one other handful of PAPI capitals try and evacuate, the place PAPI lost 33.5 billion ISK for 6.3 billion ISK killed. Thursday, a Legacy titan tried to leap out however was killed by the camp, which destroyed 87.5 billion ISK in PAPI assets for 2.6 billion ISK lost. Friday was a a lot quieter day because the Imperium destroyed a TEST Azbel, anchored to create a protected warp spot for PAPI belongings. In consequence, the Imperium killed 13.7 billion for 3.9 billion lost. Saturday was probably the most thrilling day because the Imperium killed a Fraternity Azbel anchored for a similar function, forward of one more break-out try by PAPI forces. When the mud settled, the Imperium destroyed 60.5 billion ISK for 44 billion in losses.


Monday within the East noticed Tactical Supremacy kill a TEST Fortizar in Catch, then continued on with a dreadbomb to kill a Legacy Azbel in Catch as nicely. Tuesday noticed an Imperium HAC fleet take losses within the enamel in Catch, losing 13.3 billion for 4.2 billion ISK killed. The Bastion additionally killed a TEST Fortizar in Esoteria. Wednesday, a Legacy Muninn fleet confirmed as much as defend a Fortizar in Catch, however The Initiative and a few third-party allies ended up killing the Fortizar for a total 32.5 billion ISK for 9.3 billion in losses.

Thursday, the Initiative continued their destruction in Catch, killing 4.5 billion of a Muninn fleet for 1.2 billion in losses. Later that day, Dreadbomb and The Initiative, with different third-party allies confirmed as much as kill one other Courageous Fortizar in Catch, in addition to 34.2 billion ISK in total assets for 11.7 billion in losses. Friday, Pink Alliance and the Stain Russians used Tornados to attempt to defend an Astrahus, which they misplaced, however they killed 7.8 billion ISK for 3.4 billion in losses.


Sunday started the week with a bang because the Imperium laid siege to the LSC-4P constellation in Delve, destroying the TEST iHub over the UEXO-Z Keepstar in a battle that noticed capitals dropped to seize entosis nodes. When the mud cleared, the Imperium had spent 59.6 billion ISK to retake the iHub and kill 39.2 billion of PAPI assets. A short while later, the Imperium then retook the 23G-XC iHub. A while later, a TEST group killed a Goon Fortizar in Interval Foundation. One of many massive catches of the day was an Army of Mango Alliance Avatar trapped because it tried to gate into Delve from Querious.

The Imperium tried to clear one of many final iHubs off of its Doom Clock by contesting the 1-SMEB Keepstar iHub. The Imperium deployed FAX hackers to problem the entosis command nodes, however PAPI forces had been in a position to destroy sufficient of the massive entosis ships to disrupt the Imperium try. After all the pieces was stated and finished, the Imperium lost 154.2 billion ISK for 116.2 billion killed and NC. efficiently saved their iHub. The border battle report confirmed the Imperium lost 28.3 billion ISK for 15 billion in kills.

Legacy iHubs disappearing in Querious. Map courtesy DOTLAN

Monday started with the Imperium retaking the BX-VEX Keepstar iHub in Faux Querious and continued with one other batch of Legacy iHubs being cleared in different elements of Querious (see above). The day continued with the Imperium destroying a Faction POS within the former Helm’s Deep space of Delve, which TEST and PAPI had been utilizing to harass Imperium infrastructure with black ops fleets. The Imperium finally killed 2.1 billion ISK for 1.5 billion in losses. The border skirmish battle report noticed the Imperium lose 13.2 billion ISK for 10.5 billion in kills. Tuesday was a quiet day in Delve however noticed the Imperium make one other try to bolster the T5ZI-S iHub as the 2 sides exchanged physique blows. The eventual battle report noticed the Imperium kill 78.6 billion ISK for 101.6 billion in losses.

Wednesday was additionally a bit gradual as TEST fended off a small iHub hacking gang from the Imperium, killing 1.6 billion for 666.2 million in losses. A Goon Hel later jumped to a bait cyno beacon in AJI-MA. The border skirmish battle report confirmed the Imperium killing 17 billion ISK for 12.8 billion in losses. Thursday was a bit spicier as PAPI forces fashioned massive to battle over various iHubs within the SPNZ-Z constellation, together with the FM-JK5 iHub the place the Imperium spent 57.1 billion ISK to save the iHub and kill 29.2 billion. The border skirmish battle report was the closest of the week with the Imperium losing 12.2 billion ISK and killing 11 billion.

Friday noticed Pandemic Horde lose an Azbel anchored in E3OI-U to supply shelter for PAPI forces making inroads into the previous Helm’s Deep. The border skirmish battle report confirmed the Imperium losing 17.1 billion ISK for 12.8 billion killed. Saturday noticed the Imperium try and on-line a handful of Astrahuses within the face of PAPI HACs, taking losses to the Imperium’s Ceberuses however the citadels go stay. The battle report completed with the Imperium losing 33.7 billion ISK and killing 16.2 billion. Later within the day, the Imperium defeated the PAPI try try and retake the D-W7F0 iHub in Delve, two jumps from 1DQ1-A and a Keepstar system. After the 2 hour battle wound down and a savage bombing run by EVE-RO, the Imperium saved the iHub and killed 41.4 billion ISK for 18.2 billion in losses. Motion for the week got here to a detailed within the South the Imperium killing a black ops fleet simply outdoors of 1DQ1-A, destroying 3.1 billion ISK for 339.8 million in losses. The ultimate border skirmish battle report of the week noticed the Imperium lose 19.2 billion ISK for 9.5 billion killed.


Sunday, the week started with Snuffed Out and others dropped on a gaggle of Pandemic Horde capitals and Machariels in Placid, killing 49.1 billion ISK for 1.1 billion in losses. Saturday, an Initiative gang efficiently bombed a Legacy Cerberus fleet because it tried to maneuver by means of Curse, killing 40.4 billion ISK for 3.5 billion in losses.


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