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Surplus Is Not the Drawback: Ideas For CCP

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First, I need to thank CCP for doing an evaluation of the sport’s ecosystem at massive. I additionally need to thank Sophia ‘Alizibeth’ S for the excellent, drill instructor style ass-chewing of said analysis. It managed to be each private and sensible, elevated and low forehead, snobbish (bringing Immanuel Kant to web spaceships, actually?), but additionally brutally vaudevillian. In different phrases, it adopted the cadence of intensive counseling periods in a approach that solely somebody with first-hand expertise may have achieved. It was the perfect piece of writing I’ve learn all yr, and would be the bar to satisfy going ahead. Which, by the best way, means the piece works on one thing  like 4 completely different dimensions of study on the similar time. Bravo.

One different factor earlier than I get began. For those who take nothing else away from this piece let this be it: World Battle Bee occurred regardless of CCP, not due to CCP. That autarky factor is baloney.

Please Enable Me to Insert Myself

In case it isn’t apparent to individuals who have by no means served, the aim of any moral ass-chewing is to make the goal of stated instruction higher for having acquired it. Something that doesn’t make the person, unit, and so forth, higher serves no goal. Let me now try to supply a transparent path ahead for EVE On-line and our group which may assist us develop as we creep towards a second decade and past.

If we’re to reinvigorate the EVE On-line participant base, we might want to be sure that the mechanics of the sport are participating, and provides individuals a purpose to log in past talent factors and loot crates.The basis issues with the EVE ecosystem should be solved: making use of a bandage will simply deliver extra ache additional down the highway.

Hero Moments

In recreation design, we’ve got the idea of a “hero” piece, an costly piece of geometry that’s solely used as soon as, normally to catch the attention or as a focus for an space. Designers typically keep away from having too many of those, as they’re costly and time-consuming to construct. The EVE equal could be a “hero second” and in contrast to in design, the mechanics ought to encourage as many of those as doable. Killing that supercarrier? Hero second. Your buddy keeping off 15 destroyers by means of correct use of his rorqual? Hero second. Operation Enho? Hero second. PAPI’s slaughter at M2? Hero second.

These moments aren’t simply fight associated both. Putting in a capital building job and popping it out when it’s completed. Each hero moments. Making your first billion, your 10th, your 100th? Hero moments. Shopping for or developing your first station? Hero second. Beginning and rising an organization,making mates, successes, failures, actual life deaths, births, marriages, job gives from individuals you in any other case would have by no means met? Hero moments. Successes and failures, tragedies and triumphs, order and chaos, these are all hero moments.

Hero moments are what all of us speak about. It’s how we persuade our mates to check out this life-consuming passion all of us faux to hate however truly love. It’s what the information covers. EVE wants hero moments to outlive and develop. EVE isn’t a recreation; it’s a terrarium. I believe all of us need that terrarium to thrive for years and generations to return. We have to construct mechanics that encourage thriving. We’d like individuals to log in, and undock, and ideally not simply when the large fights occur.

Embrace the Soak, As an alternative of the Suck

The issue with EVE’s ecosystem isn’t that there’s an excessive amount of stuff, however that the stuff doesn’t a lot exit the sport out the opposite finish. At the moment, the mechanics encourage hoarding, however don’t present sufficient methods for individuals to take issues away. Artificially creating shortage on some form of cycle, making it troublesome or unattainable for gamers to rub two cents collectively, after which praying that what stays will get annihilated in some form of battle isn’t sustainable or sensible. It discourages individuals from enjoying the sport and it encourages individuals to go do one thing else as a substitute.

CCP ought to embrace the soak. There may be nothing mistaken with a participant who flies 16 Rorquals. That participant is a highly-engaged participant. That participant is a scrumptious goal for different gamers. That may be a participant who buys numerous PLEX or pays a big subscription each month. That participant encourages others to play.

Each suggestion under is one which follows a method of embracing the soak, decreasing idle or lazy mechanics, rewarding energetic mechanics, and balances massive scales in opposition to small. It makes it simple to get began, and rewards individuals for doing so, however the nearer you come to the apex, the tougher it’s a must to work to remain there.

To cite the Purple Queen: “Round right here, it’s a must to run as quick as you possibly can to remain in the identical place.” That is the paradigm CCP ought to embrace, as a result of it balances itself.

Suppose Outdoors the Field – Some Ideas

Goliath Mining Subject

Each area (together with NPC areas in nullsec and lowsec) has 1-2 “Goliath” mining area anomalies that should be scanned down. We’re speaking a number of orders of magnitude bigger than the most important ore anomaly underneath the outdated (non-nerfed) farms and fields paradigm. To offer an concept of what I’m speaking about, think about a area so massive that it will take 200-300 Rorquals 12-24 hours to utterly mine out. The anomaly would even have some helpful, but annoying, smaller ores inside it (like those which have exploding gasoline) that should be mined by laser somewhat than excavator drone. When the positioning is totally mined out or despawns, one other spawns within the area inside a couple of hours (or immediately, take your decide.). For those who’ve ever seen a video of a carcass at the bottom of the ocean, you get the concept.

These mining fields would serve the aim of feeding the huge struggle machines of enormous bloc alliances, whereas additionally shifting across the area, requiring relocation/redeployment of protection sources so as to hold manufacturing flowing. Relying on the geography, it might additionally require the redeployment of tremendous capital umbrellas each day so as to guarantee correct response in a disaster. A effectively organized alliance would profit from the supply of all of the sources they would wish (up to some extent) pretty regionally, whereas additionally checking that with an higher restrict and a larger emphasis on protection sources.

Financial institution Heist

The brand new ESS system creates a possibility for some actually cool gameplay mechanics that would facilitate small to midsize PvP. Moderately than (or perhaps along with) merely warping right into a bubble and trying to steal the cash, think about if an enterprising particular person or group may as a substitute try a a lot bigger heist. The small print may range, however perhaps once more, one or two of those alternatives per area, with a possible payout of tens or tons of of billions of ISK. The heist mechanic would turn out to be obtainable perhaps as soon as every week, or month, with huge portions of ISK being positioned into it from the area’s ratting. The cash would characterize the tax payout of the companies doing the ratting, or a minimal of 10%, whichever is bigger.

The heist cash would spawn in an indestructible container which all the time drops. The container could be at the least 600-1000 m3, stopping insta-warpers, cloaking, leaping (together with bridging), tether, or docking at any station apart from NPC or designated regional capital stations. The ship with the container would additionally all the time be warpable by any occasion, and seem on the overview. If the participant with the container logs off, the container drops out of their ship, is warpable, and seems on the overview anyplace within the system. The placement of the container must be seen on the in-game map. This could forestall any bullshit trolling techniques. Once more, the heist is barely accessible between as soon as every week and a month, and solely at a selected location per area, with the timer seen and discoverable by any occasion who occurs by.

Organized alliances who need their tax cash must perform “BRINKs Armored Truck” runs so as to retrieve the cash. The pilot who brings the cash to the correct location may then determine to both pay out the cash correctly (during which case every company and participant will get their justifiable share), or steal it for themselves. A pilot would have 5 minutes to determine what to do with the container, after which era the container is ejected from the docking port of the station for anyone to take. The logs for this exercise could be obtainable or discoverable. If the heist takes place in an NPC area, the container would should be dropped at a unique area. In no case ought to a container spawn inside ten jumps of a station the place it may be opened.

The implications of this hot-potato-heist system must be apparent.

Pochven – Subcapital Mecca

I like the concept of Pochven. It’s mainly a hybrid between wormholes and Ok-space. It’s a giant circle. Unusually, the occasion that created it was mainly a rigged recreation between the Triglavians and EDENCOM. EDENCOM ought to have a counter occasion the place they will open the gates to anybody (simply hold the capitals out). I haven’t been in there but, however in the event you can anchor citadels in there, eliminate these too. Pochven must be like old-school lowsec blended with nullsec for subcaps. I, for one, miss station tenting, and I abhor individuals having the ability to tether up in every single place.

Citadel Reinforcement Rebalance

Whereas citadel reinforcement mechanics are higher than they was once, they nonetheless have a giant drawback: they regenerate to baseline with no work from the defender. This shouldn’t occur. Protect regenerations ought to require a load of specialised gasoline blocks, loaded right into a particular bay that may solely maintain sufficient for one cycle of regeneration, necessitating at the least that extra blocks be moved from one hanger to the subsequent each time.

Perhaps the supplies for these blocks may come from new ores. Perhaps these new ores could possibly be a few of these annoying rocks that solely spawn within the new gigantic ore fields. Perhaps a few of the different elements may come from these Empire mining issues they launched some time again that flopped. Perhaps the precise blocks are solely manufactured by NPCs who purchase the supplies from gamers (ISK sink, NPCs promote the blocks for revenue). Perhaps tie it to factional warfare, which might give a purpose for null alliances to take discover and begin making offers with the FW individuals. Think about the meta gaming prospects of null alliances supporting one faction or the opposite as a result of they want extra of 1 sort of part and need to starve their enemies of the opposite.

Armor timers ought to require ships to restore like within the outdated days. A restore cap could possibly be applied that’s the similar because the injury cap. Thus, at restore cap, the entire course of ought to take about 30 minutes to finish, however would require an increasing number of ships, relying on the dimensions of the citadel. Sure, it will be barely annoying, however not very. Extra importantly, it will require individuals to be out in area doing issues the place they could possibly be attacked.

Construction timers could possibly be a hybrid of the primary two. They might require enter supplies (like perhaps alternative citadel elements) and a few form of restore job (with its personal, longer timer), and use of the distant hull restore module, which so far as I can inform is virtually ineffective within the present meta. Once more, a restore cap may be sure that at cap, the energetic portion of the restore solely takes about 30 minutes. Once more, a slight chore, however in a approach that’s wholesome for the sport.

It must be clear, however in case it isn’t: not one of the restore work could possibly be began till after the precise battle timer has resolved itself.

Leap Portal Rebalance

Bridging is an annoying, lazy mechanic (infrastructure leap bridges are nice). With the adjustments to supercarriers, it is usually redundant. It sits 100 gamers round doing nothing, and sends a pair gamers out to hunt or get positioned for a drop. If you wish to hold it, it wants to alter. One possibility is to require titans to make connections between themselves. This is able to require a titan within the vacation spot system, which might restrict (however not get rid of) the utility of bridging into fights. You need to bridge right into a battle? Positive. Put a titan on the sphere.

What about Black Ops bridging? Nonetheless annoying. I desire giving recons a leap drive. This fashion hunters may nonetheless hunt, Tech three Cruisers may infiltrate, lighting covert cynos to usher in Black Ops and Recons. Stealth bombers are too low cost, too quick, and do an excessive amount of injury to let individuals drop 200 of them in every single place. Allow them to stroll.

Cloaky Tenting

Probably the most thorny situation within the historical past of EVE On-line. The answer is definitely easy. Cloaking removes your title from native. Cloaking gadgets construct up warmth over the course of an hour. After an hour, they begin doing module injury like common warmth does. If a participant decloaks, they begin dissipating the warmth. Dissipating the warmth takes 5 to 10 minutes, and balloons the ship’s signature. Gamers which are midway paying consideration can handle their warmth, often decloaking, dissipating warmth, being seen, detectable, and susceptible. Gamers who’re AFK will finally burn all their modules out, decloak, and be utterly susceptible. Gamers can nonetheless camp, spy, and hunt. What they will’t do is terrorize individuals all day and night time, with no counter-play, whereas strolling the canine throughout city on the park.


The topic of capitals and what to do with them is an enormous subject that deserves its personal article. I wrote one for you a while back.

Onward into the Future

This text has gone longer than my editor would favor, so I’ll shut it out right here. Certainly not are the concepts pointed to right here the last word for easy methods to mildew EVE because it approaches its third decade. You probably have ideas, make certain to put up them under. I need EVE to be a enjoyable recreation that has individuals out in area doing issues. We should always all need that.

Till subsequent time.


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