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Legacy is Bleeding

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Take a look at Alliance Please Ignore (TEST), the lead alliance in Legacy coalition, is flying excessive. Eight months into the present battle, their member depend is as excessive because it’s ever been, and the alliance holds extra sov than at virtually any level in its 10-year historical past. However TEST’s battle successes have come at the price of not simply their enemies, however of their coalition as properly. Whereas TEST sits atop the DOTLAN alliance chief board, their allies in Legacy coalition slowly bleed – each at residence and on the entrance strains.

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Initially of hostilities, TEST held roughly a 3rd of all Legacy sov. Right now they maintain virtually half, whereas the entire variety of methods held by Legacy dropped about 5%.

Legacy: A Stool with Three Legs

At the start of the present battle, Legacy coalition may pretty be described as a stool with three legs. The 2 main alliances within the coalition – TEST and Courageous – every shaped a leg, and the remaining 10 smaller alliances (let’s name them “the minor powers”) mixed to type the third leg. Of those three legs, Courageous was the smallest. TEST and the minor powers every had greater than 15,000 members; Courageous had simply over 10,000 members. The leg with the most important sov holdings was, by far, the minor powers, with roughly 280 methods between them, adopted by TEST with roughly 165, and Courageous with just below 60 methods.

When Legacy management announced the coming war on the finish of June 2020, the announcement submit was headed with a picture of rolling cube. The chance being taken by the coalition was clearly said: “We might all die in a ball of fireplace or we might interact within the best of victories possible.” Now, eight months later – with victory nonetheless unsure – there isn’t a query in regards to the value Legacy is paying.

The Minor Powers Decimated

For Legacy’s minor powers, the merciless actuality of this battle has been very near the ‘demise by hearth’ that Legacy management described initially. Whereas TEST has grown by each main alliance metric (membership up 13%, corp depend up 19%, sov up 37%), the minor powers, as a part of Legacy, have been decimated (membership down 29%, corp depend down 10%, sov down 33%).

, Legacy is Bleeding, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub
Because the outbreak of battle, sov held by Legacy’s minor powers has plummeted

What’s extra, for the reason that battle started, three of Legacy’s minor powers have been hit with huge disruptions which have basically affected their capacity to perform inside Legacy.

  1. Decade-old alliance The Watchmen boasted virtually 2,000 members final 12 months and held just below 40 methods. At the start of this 12 months, after six months of continuous battle, it collapsed fully. Whereas still officially incorporated in name, it’s an empty shell with simply 11 members.
  2. Legacy founding member Requiem Eternal (REQ) was fully disbanded in November 2020 as the results of inside betrayal. Though a substitute alliance, Everlasting Requiem (REQ.), was created as an alternative, its member numbers have by no means absolutely recovered.
  3. Russian alliance Siberian Squads (SB-SQ) really withdrew fully from Legacy in January of this 12 months and joined the Imperium to combat in opposition to their former allies in February.

The unfavorable results of the battle on Legacy’s minor powers are seen when it comes to each uncooked statistics and when it comes to publicly-reported anecdotes from line members. Evictus., Already Changed., Vindictive, Warped Intentions, and Rezeda Regnum have all seen important drops in member counts throughout the course of the battle (as tracked by DOTLAN), and lots of Legacy alliances have misplaced sov of their residence areas akin to Catch, Impass, and Immensea. “iHubs and TCUs started to fall within the outer loop of our little Immensea pocket. . . . It appeared as if the coalition was unwilling to save lots of us,” wrote one line member of Federation Rebellion in a Reddit rant.

When questioned in regards to the apparent and irrefutable ache that Legacy’s minor powers are struggling in pursuit of Legacy’s battle, Legacy management had some solace to supply. TEST army director ProGodLegend pointed to the advantages of victory. “The winners of this battle will profit and the losers received’t. We’ll win so we’ll profit. The one individuals who received’t profit are ones who depart the successful aspect earlier than the battle’s over.” As well as, PGL affirmed the likelihood that a few of TEST’s sov features from the battle could possibly be redistributed to minor powers after the battle ends. “Not one of the sov being held proper now could be ultimate,” he confirmed.

When requested related questions, Dunk Dinkle from Courageous made clear that he may solely converse from the attitude of his personal alliance and didn’t signify the coalition. Nonetheless, he had little of consolation or justification to supply to Courageous’s smaller coalition companions, implying that every Legacy alliance made its personal selections about committing to the battle and paying the worth concerned. “I can’t actually converse [in regards] to different teams,” he mentioned. “We assist when requested for assist, however need to keep away from telling different teams what to do. It’s not our place to inform them tips on how to run their alliance.”

Courageous: Broke and Homeless

Whereas Courageous, the second leg of Legacy’s three-legged stool, has fared much better than the minor powers, when measured on the premise of key metrics, it’s clear that combating the battle has been expensive. Courageous’s long-time residence holdings in Catch and Impass are below critical menace, with iHubs being misplaced in core methods, and the alliance has lately made the choice to relocate to a brand new residence in Querious (a dangerous and contentious choice as revealed in a collection of messages and leaks).

Thus they now discover themselves within the midst of a precarious transition state, their previous residence crumbling and their new residence not but established. However Dinkle took subject with any characterization of Courageous as homeless. “Whereas we’re stretched between areas presently, we’re shifting to our new residence properly, with nice inside assist and robust assist from our allies,” he mentioned.

Along with geographical pressures, monetary pressures are one other problem dealing with Courageous, with fiscal struggles known as out specifically within the leaked management discussions. “We’re draining our coffers,” mentioned Courageous’s Logistics Director n0rman in one of many leaked communications. “The present stage of SRP/recon/and so on bleed isn’t sustainable,” he mentioned in one other. Latest losses incurred on the house entrance (virtually 100 billion in in the future over final weekend) can’t assist. Dinkle downplays these pressures, nevertheless. “Courageous has by no means been a ‘wealthy’ alliance, as we now have a a lot looser set of expectations on corps and members, in comparison with different bigger teams. Our tradition appears a bit extra easygoing than different teams, which individuals appear to love. Nonetheless, this will likely not maximize our alliance earnings,” he mentioned.

As this battle enters its ninth month, Legacy’s gambit will not be but received, and whereas TEST flies excessive, the remainder of Legacy slowly bleeds.


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