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BDO Employee Promotion: Gaining Increased Employee Ranks

BDO Employee Promotion is used to improve a employee’s rank and enhance his pace and efficiency. When a employee will increase in grade, his important stats additionally improve.

Employee Promotion Improved Stats:

  • Workspeed
  • Motion Pace
  • Luck
  • Stamina

Entry the “All Employee Listing” window by clicking the Pickaxe icon within the person interface.

, BDO Employee Promotion: Gaining Increased Employee Ranks, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

Click on the “Promotion Data” tab on the fitting.

Employees which have out there promotions could have a quantity and a highlighted Promote button.

Each employee rank can have a most of three doable promotion probabilities, relying on what number of ranges they’ve obtained with you. (Buying staff on the market doesn’t reset the max promotions. Market staff could have zero to three out there promotions already.)

, BDO Employee Promotion: Gaining Increased Employee Ranks, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

Employee rank is also referred to as employee grade or employee tier.

Filter employee ranks by deciding on the Grade drop down field.


Employee Promotion

Selling a employee requires 24 hours, and if profitable, he might be raised one rank.

For instance, a blue Expert Employee will be promoted to a yellow Skilled Employee.


Employee Rank Order:

Naive > Regular > Expert > Skilled > Artisan


Employee Promotion Overview (Elevating a Rank)

  • increased stage staff are simpler to advertise (Degree 30 has higher probabilities than a stage 10 employee.)
  • decrease rank staff are simpler to advertise (Expert staff have higher promotion probabilities than Skilled.)
  • you’ll be able to solely promote one employee at a time
  • we get solely Three whole promotions per employee rank (1 Promotion Likelihood at ranges 10, 20, and 30)
  • promotions will be stacked and saved up till stage 20 and even longer for higher odds. Degree 30 has the most effective odds, however requires important time funding.
  • profitable promotion rerolls the employee, resetting all stats and eradicating all earlier expertise and promotion probabilities.
  • promotion lowers a employee’s stage to 1, however raises the grade by 1 bettering base beginning stats of Work Pace, Motion Pace, Luck, and Stamina
  • promotion opens up the opportunity of newer and higher employee expertise


Promotion Check Degree 10

Degree 20

Degree 30

Regular to Expert Promotion 35% 55% 80%
Expert to Skilled Promotion 25% 35% 45%
Skilled to Artisan Promotion 10% 20% 30%


Employee Promotion Likelihood

This desk from an nameless BDO participant, reveals Employee Promotion likelihood.

It hasn’t been verified or examined by me. As with all issues BDO, your luck could fluctuate. , BDO Employee Promotion: Gaining Increased Employee Ranks, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

So far as I’m conscious, nobody has revealed every other important promotion information. In case you have some promotion exams that you prefer to revealed, please remark!


, BDO Employee Promotion: Gaining Increased Employee Ranks, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub

Promote through Leveling

Employee Promotion requires you to stage your staff. (Until you buy a employee from the Employee Alternate that has unspent promotion probabilities.)

When your employee completes a job (work cycle), he earns expertise factors based mostly upon the next:

  • Employee EXP Components: Employee EXP = Job time(Minutes)*1.2 + 10

This EXP will be seen in every employee’s EXP bar situated beneath his portrait, and as a share subsequent to his stage.

When a employee builds up sufficient expertise factors, he positive factors a stage. He retains gaining ranges as much as stage 30.

After stage 30, he continues to construct expertise, but it surely caps at 100% till it’s used up in worker skill exchanges. 1 talent reset prices 50% of the EXP bar, permitting you to construct up sufficient expertise to reset expertise two instances directly.

Advantages of Leveling Employees:

  • Elevated Workspeed, Motion Pace, and Luck.
  • Will increase expertise. Earn 1 talent at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. At his ultimate 30th stage, he can start to reset expertise to attempt for ones that matter to you.
  • Elevated likelihood of acquiring a promotion.
  • Increased employee sale worth.


Employee Promotion Pace

Employee Promotion can take allot of time, relying upon how briskly your employee ranges.

Rushing up the speed that your employee ranges, additionally will increase the speed you’ll be able to attempt to promote them.

Degree staff sooner on 1 tick (5 minute) craft jobs. For instance, crafting quick crates in 5 minute jobs would earn higher expertise than gathering iron ore at a detailed node that takes 20 minutes to finish.

At a sure level, across the 45 minute job time mark, distance and job time fails to matter. So a 1 hour work cycle will stage staff about the identical as one Three hour work cycle clear internationally.

  • Employee EXP Components: Employee EXP = Job time(Minutes)*1.2 + 10

, BDO Employee Promotion: Gaining Increased Employee Ranks, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub


Shopping for Employee Promotion with Pearls

The promotion course of takes 24 hours to finish. The clock runs down and ultimately completes even in the event you’re logged off.

If you wish to see the outcomes of your promotion try early, then you’ll be able to spend actual cash to immediately full a employee promotion.

The price begins at 290 Pearls ($2.90) and lowers as time passes.

It does NOT assure a promotion.

, BDO Employee Promotion: Gaining Increased Employee Ranks, P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub


Employee Ranks (Grade or Tiers)

Employees have 5 completely different grades that present us their rarity and energy. Employee grades are proven by the colour of their identify. In BDO, the most effective employee grade of Artisan is coloured orange…

  1. Artisan – the most effective employee tier and most tough to acquire. Hold this fella in the event you get fortunate on seeing one! Usually it’s a must to undergo the Promotion course of to get an Artisan employee. You may typically get fortunate on the Employee Alternate. (Work Supervisor’s Employee Alternate button). Reportedly, it takes about 1.8k vitality (360 rolls) to acquire one. (lower than 1% likelihood.)
  2. Skilled – extra widespread than Artisan, however nonetheless requires a really fortunate roll. I wish to roll new staff on the Work Supervisor till I get at the least this grade. (Final attempt price me 1040 vitality, however then received the following one with 100 vitality) Extremely RNG!
  3. Expert – attempt to not rent anybody beneath this grade. Expert grade is the place you actually begin to see massive enchancment in employee stats at stage 30. Expert staff and above will be bought on the Work Supervisor. (Click on Employee Alternate then Register.)
  4. Regular – commonest tier, however has considerably decrease stats than Expert staff. Till you acquire extra Data, which will increase your vitality, you might need to accept this at first.
  5. Naive – poor stats! Click on View One other button.



Employee Leveling Information

  • for ranges 1 as much as 12, all grades require the identical EXP
  • at stage 12+, increased tier staff require extra EXP
  • after hitting max stage 30, all tiers require the identical EXP (30,000 EXP) for talent resets
  • Employees common 132 XP/Hour (minimal: 72 to most: 192 EXP/Hour)
    • 35 days to stage an Artisan to 30
    • 4.7 days to earn a talent reset for all grades
  • Named staff require the identical EXP as Expert
  • Naive staff require the identical EXP as Regular

Employee XP Tables

The next employee xp tables present how a lot expertise is required to refill that stage to achieve the following stage. For instance, a stage 1 requires 30 expertise factors to progress to stage 2. That is proven within the lv1 column.


Tier lv1 lv2 lv3 lv4 lv5 lv6 lv7 lv8 lv9 lv10 lv11
All Employees 30 45 63 86 112 140 171 209 255 312 381
Complete EXP Required for stage 10 = 1,111 EXP
Common time to realize stage 10 = 8.Four Hours


Tier lv12 lv13 lv14 lv15 lv16 lv17 lv18 lv19 lv20 lv21
Naive, Regular 442 513 596 692 803 940 1100 1287 1506 1763
Named, Expert 462 560 678 821 994 1203 1456 1762 2133 2581
Skilled 469 577 710 874 1076 1324 1629 2004 2465 3032
Artisan 477 597 747 934 1168 1460 1825 2282 2853 3567
Complete Artisan EXP Required for stage 10 to 20 = 10,183 EXP
Common Artisan time for stage 10 to 20 = 77.1 Hours (3.2 days)
Common Artisan time for stage 1 to 20 = 85.5 Hours (3.5 days)


Tier lv22 lv23 lv24 lv25 lv26 lv27 lv28 lv29 max
Naive, Regular 2081 2456 2899 3421 4037 4805 5718 6805 30000
Named, Expert 3124 3781 4576 5537 6700 8107 9810 11871 30000
Skilled 3760 4663 5783 7171 8893 11117 13897 17372 30000
Artisan 4495 5664 7137 8993 11332 14392 18278 23214 30000
Complete Artisan EXP Required for stage 20 to 30 = 99,925 EXP
Common Artisan time for stage 20 to 30 = 757 Hours (31.5 days)
Common Artisan time for stage 1 to 30 = 842.5 Hours (35.1 days)
Common time for every 50% EXP Ability Reset: 113.6 Hours (4.7 days)


NOTE: It was reported that staff despatched to farms positioned with fences are in a particular xp desk/chart and confirmed considerably decrease EXP

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