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July - September Event

This event is based on the love and confidence of P2gamer’s new and existing customers. The event is set for players who spend 300 USD or more between July 28 and September 30, 2021. For every 300 USD you will get 30 USD back. Players who meet the criteria will automatically receive an email from [email protected]. We will send money into your P2Gamer wallet within 1 – 2 business day.

To prevent fraud, please check if the sender’s email address is [email protected], and we do not require any player’s personal information and bank account information, except to confirm registration and personal email address of this website. Players who receive the email can go to www.p2gamer.com to confirm the content and rules of the event and ensure the safety of their personal property.

In addition, the new merchant policy and player credit policy will also be sent to all merchants and players in the form of email and website announcement according to the time, so as to jointly build a credit platform and protect the interests of both players and merchants.

In the future, we will launch various discounts, direct transfer, single consumption rebate and welfare activities with cooperative merchants at the end of each month on the homepage of the website

 If you meet the standards and do not send any email, please email us, we will help you solve the problem.

Thank you players!

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