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Global pioneer and proven leading in Anti-fraud System

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Chargeback Protection

Use the machine-learning system to analyze every transaction created on our website.

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Integrating With Human Corporation

Our  team monitors each order 7/24 to reduce the transactions that AI would deny.

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Grow Smarter than you think

As human analysis leads to more accurate fraud decisions, adding those to analyses 

Artificial Intelligence


Auto scanning, breaking down orders into patterns and looking for redundancies in orders based on:

Information contained in the order
Device information
External data sources
Behavioral information
Historical information of the previous order


On hold the order

When discrepancies arise, instead of just declining the order, as some solutions do our team of experts conducts a manual exam of order details and information collected.

These human agents can see beyond algorithms and have a sixth sense in matters regarding online fraud, capturing details that computers cannot. If needed, We uses contact information linked to the cardholder to conduct cardholder verification.

Approve the order

The most experienced analysts analyze the orders, seeking a lot of evidence in order to approve them or to confirm fraud in this step, without contact with the customer.

Do we have enough data to approve this order? Is there any previous fraud associated with the data? What do we expect from the profile in terms of purchase behavior? Do we know any particularity from that specific store or product? 

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