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Clash of Clans Boosting

Players build 4 hero bases and a siege engine to produce heroes with skills; Upgrade arms through the Laboratory to improve the strength of the army. In addition, spells have been added so that players must be at base camp level 5 (5 books) before they can build a spell factory and cannot cast spells at base camp level 4 (4 books) or below. Since there are other players challenging the attack to plunder resources, it is necessary to build automatic defense structures, traps or walls to stop or destroy invading players to protect their resources. Village guards and shields can stop other players from attacking.
Players can join a horde after restoring the original horde castle on the map. In addition, when a tribe can fight more than 5 people (up to 50), the chief or deputy chief of the tribe can start a tribal war against other tribes and join the skirmish. Players can build cannon, arrow tower and other buildings on their own map to protect their own village.
Players can join the horde when they have repaired the horde castle. Players can also create their own tribes. Players who are behind can apply reinforcements and spells to their horde, but the horde castle must be level 4 and possess a dark spell factory to donate spells.
Horde game war
The number of participants in tribal warfare should be a multiple of 5 [6][7][8] Players must destroy each other’s formations in order to gain the Star of War, and when the time is up, the side with more stars of war wins. If the winning star is the same, then compare which side has the highest damage rate, the same damage rate is a draw.
Horde Game League
Launched in October 2018, the alliance is a seven-day tournament that pits six other tribes against 15 or 30 members per round. Each player has only one chance to attack per turn (2 for conventional horde warfare). At the end of the game, there will be a settlement, depending on the horde’s level and the number of horde victories and the number of stars the player has won, a fair amount of alliance COINS can be purchased in the store.
Rules of the Tribal Game
The troops produced can be used to play in two leagues, the single-player league and the multi-player league.
Single-player online is a mechanism to attack Goblin strongholds and rob them of their resources. As long as any level on this mechanism wins a victory star, you can be promoted to the next level. As the level pushes up, its difficulty also increases accordingly, and its can grab resource also increases accordingly. Resources in any level can only be looted once.
Multiplayer is a mechanism that challenges players around the world based on the pairing of game systems. The game matchmaking system is generally based on the number of trophies a player can win, so there is a certain chance that a player with a low base will meet a high base. In this mechanism, in addition to being able to win a certain number of trophies and challenge the player’s resources, you can also receive additional rewards in the league you are in. However, if the challenger fails to win one or more of the three stars, he loses a number of trophies.
Tribal Games Competition
Launched in December 2017, members of the tribe can select tasks and then earn points for completing them within a limited time limit. If you reach a certain score in the competition, you will be rewarded. If you get 4000 points (full score), you will get one more prize.
Master Builder’s Base
On May 22, 2017, a new master builder’s base camp will be added. Players will build buildings by master builder in a certain range of individual maps for resource collection and storage, etc. For example, 11 different arms will be trained through Barrack. Upgrade arms through the Laboratory to improve the strength of the army. Master builder’s Base 5 (5 books) can build hero bases to produce heroes with skills. It’s now up to level 9 (9 books) master Builder’s base, unlocking flying Pig Knights and more.
Game PK
Players of both sides attack each other’s master builder base and determine the winner by comparing the number of winning stars gained by both sides. If the number of winning stars is the same, then compare the destruction rate of each. If the winning star and the destruction rate are the same, then the shorter the duration of the attack, the better. And the resources are only available through victory

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