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Dungeon Fighter Online, otherwise called DFO, is a multiplayer PC beat them up computer game created and distributed by Neople, a South Korean auxiliary of Nexon, and initially distributed by Hangame in 2005. DFO is one of the most elevated earning and most-played computer games ever, arriving at a sum of 600 million players around the world. It is likewise one of the most elevated netting diversion media results ever, having earned $11.8 billion in lifetime income starting at 2018.

Dungeon Fighter Online is like exemplary 2D side-looking over arcade hack and cut/beat them up games, for example, Golden Ax or Double Dragon. Players will navigate 2D screens while battling swarms of beasts. There are various social angles to Dungeon Fighter Online, including Guilds, PvP Arenas, and Party Play. Abilities can be assigned upon an upper column of hotkeys that can be additionally extended by the choice of the player. Be that as it may, a player can decide to physically enter the order to play out a specific ability; for instance, a Blade Master can decide to press the doled out hotkey for the aptitude Draw Sword, however can likewise decide to play out its immediate info. Straightforwardly contributing the expertise (done by squeezing the bolt enters in a specific arrangement and afterward squeezing the essential ability key) makes the aptitude cost less MP and brings down the cooldown of the aptitude (the time expected to hold on to utilize the ability once more) just barely. Abilities are generally performed independently from ordinary combos; in any case, a few aptitudes are “cancellable,” implying that those abilities can be utilized in typical assaults.

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