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Lineage 2 Adena

Basic Gameplay

Lineage II screen capture of an elven characterTo start playing Lineage II, players make a character as their symbol in the game’s middle age style virtual world. People, Elves and Dark Elves start off in the Kingdom of Aden while Dwarves and Orcs start off in the Kingdom of Elmore. Players can look over either contender or spiritualist callings toward the beginning, aside from Dwarves and Kamael which are just ready to choose the warrior calling; this decision goes about as a model for later calling alternatives. Each race has its own arrangement of classes, regardless of whether people, mythical beings and dull mythical people have a ton of classes that are fundamentally the same as their partners in the other two races.

As players slaughter non-player character (NPC) beasts, they amass experience focuses and expertise focuses (SP). As experience focuses collect, the character’s level expands, which means different credits of the character are increased. Players buy and afterward update their character’s abilities utilizing SP. Players can have alone or as influence of a gathering to battle beasts and complete journeys for new aptitudes, experience focuses, and things. Player versus player (PvP) is a noteworthy segment of the game. The game gives numerous social, political, and monetary perspectives which are created through the network and by the activities, in-game, of single players.Lineage II highlights attack fighting like the first. To ensure PvP remains leveled out, the plan incorporates a Karma framework that gives negative outcomes to executing different players when they are not retaliating. While being in a disorganized state (karma number higher than zero), players have a high likelihood of dropping things in the wake of being murdered.

Classes and subclasses

There are at present an enormous number of classes (36) for all races all together. Each race and resulting class has a set amount of Stat Points previously relegated to their group.

After finishing the missions in the wake of arriving at level 75, a player may add subclass to their character. This subclass begins at level 40. Impediments are set up on which subclass one can pick (for example Dull Elves may not pick Elf subclasses. What’s more, a player may not pick a class that coordinates their principle class (a Dark Avenger may not turn into a Paladin, moreover a Treasure Hunter may not turn into a Plains Walker). When a subclass has arrived at level 75, players may pick another. A character may hold an aggregate of three subclasses notwithstanding their primary class.

Saints are Noblesse characters who have contended in and won the Grand Olympiad at any rate 1 out multiple times. There is a constraint of 35 Heroes whenever, and just the character’s fundamental class will get the title. Saints get extraordinary weapons and capacities; also, they may talk internationally to their whole worker. They additionally get a shining air so they contrast different characters.


In Lineage II, a player can get a beast that turns into their pet through the fruition of journeys. In contrast to different summons or enchantment, as long as specific conditions are met, a pet won’t be limited by time restrictions, nor will it be excused forcibly. These pets can likewise hold most things in their inventories while they are called, including pet weapons and shield that can be prepared on the pet.


The game finishes an anecdotal history sets of plots called “Adventures”. There are at present two adventures; “The Chaotic Chronicle” and “The Chaotic Throne”. Huge scope refreshes/developments known as “Annals” are done like clockwork, which present new story components just as new highlights and additional items. Each account additionally includes a lot of new substance to the game, including new aptitudes, journeys, zones and things; a few annals likewise expanded the level top.


Lineage II is set in the realm of its archetype, Lineage, however the primary storyline starts 150 years preceding the occasions in Lineage.[2] The universe of Lineage II is partitioned into three realms, Aden, Elmore, and Gracia.[2][3] Aden lies south of the Border Outposts its capital mansion is Aden Castle. Elmore deceives the north of the Outposts and incorporates Goddard, Rune and Schuttgart. Its capital stronghold is Rune Castle. Gracia misleads the west of Aden and Elmore. Aden’s topography ranges from deserts to tropical backwoods. Elmore is more tough having generally mountainous locales alongside a solidified winter badlands.


Characters go about as a player’s symbol inside the game. Players are managed up to 7 characters for each worker. There are presently six races in the realm of Lineage II: the Humans-like advanced people and who have all-around adjusted attributes; the Elves-with predominant adroitness, development, and projecting pace, however more fragile offense; Dark Elves-with higher enchantment and skirmish assault abilities; Orcs-who have higher HP and MP yet more slow development; Dwarves-amazing scuffle aggressors and ace specialists; and Kamael-humanoids with single wings and sexual orientation explicit occupation classes.

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