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TemTem Items

Every kid aches for transforming into a Temtem tamer; examining the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, finding new species, and making old mates on the way . Presently it’s your chance to leave on an epic experience and make those fantasies work out as expected.

Catch new Temtem on Omninesia’s gliding islands, fight different tamers on the sandy sea shores of Deniz or exchange with your companions in Tucma’s debris secured fields.
Demolition the ever-bothering Clan Belsoto and end their plot to authority over the Archipelago, beat every one of the eight Dojo Leaders, and become a conclusive Temtem tamer! The Airborne Archipelago are the coasting islands where Temtem and individuals correspond.

The Airborne Archipelago are the gliding islands where Temtem and people coincide calmly. Every island is an entire diverse world, yet there is something we as a whole share for all intents and purpose – our affection for Temtem and Temtem fights! Fearless tamers such as yourself make a trip on aircrafts to the furthest reaches of the Archipelago to locate the best Temtem. Each youthful tamer fantasies about turning into the best… But not all things are fun and serene in the islands. In the background, Clan Belsoto is weaving a devious scheme against Temtem and people the same. You will require all the companions and your best Temtem to crush the fiendish Clan Belsoto.

Temtem is a game that has a plenty of things and apparatus that players can use to either open exceptional occasions or essentially reestablish wellbeing to their Temtems. You can discover a wide range of things while crossing the universe of Temtem, yet there are likewise concealed things that the vast majority don’t take note. While the vast majority of the things can be purchased from the Emporium utilizing Pansun, the game’s money, they can get especially costly when you’re not actually winning enough to purchase a ton. By buying Temtem things here in P2Gamer, you’ll not just get the entirety of the things that the Emporium offers, yet you’ll additionally obtain uncommon rigging and in any event, Training Courses (TC)! In case you’re searching for a unique thing, odds are you’ll see it here in our Temtem commercial center.

How Do I Purchase Temtem Items?

To purchase Temtem things from our merchants, simply follow these means:

Register/sign in as a purchaser.

Pick the thing that you need to buy.

Send in the installment to our framework and we’ll clutch it for you while we advise the dealer.

Meet with the merchant in the game and sit tight for them to start an exchange with you.

When you’ve gotten the thing, affirm to our framework to send the installment to the dealer.

Where to Look for Items in Temtem

Temtem flaunts a world that is loaded up with puzzle—and that incorporates things. While these things can be basically found all over, there are two things you have to discover first before at last getting your things: holders and gleams/shines.

Sparkling Shimmering Splendid

You’ve presumably seen little spots of what seems like sparkle on the ground while strolling around in Temtem. These are called concealed things. They are situated in the wild and can be gotten by anybody. Regardless of whether it’s on grass, sand, or hard solid, they’re exceptionally simple to discover and can be discovered everywhere. In this way, on the off chance that you see these shines whenever you boot up Temtem, don’t spare a moment to get them! The main issue here is that you can’t perceive what the things are except if you capture them first. In that sense, the shines are similar to randomized thing generators where you won’t realize what you will.

Boxes, Barrels, and Buckets

Contrasted with the shines that are moderately simpler to discover, things that are in compartments require a touch more exertion. The compartments that store things shift from huge barrels down to garbage bins. These can be found even in the niches and crevices of a NPC’s home, so you’ll need to do a great deal of burrowing since there’s a wealth of them!

Temtem Items We Recommend You Buy

1. DNA Strands

DNA Strands are a fundamental thing for rearing Temtem. Fundamentally, these are details that originate from the guardians/has which can be utilized to move to their youngsters. DNA Strands can be bought from the in-game stores which have various costs, contingent upon the nature of the details. Be that as it may, it would appear that it will get more earnestly for raisers to get their hands on these strands as an update from Crema Games has driven rearing apparatus costs to soar. Fundamental DNA Strands from 300 Pansun now cost 1,000 Pansun, and DNA Strands that have double details that were initially 1,000 Pansun have expanded to 5,000 Pansun!

2. Instructional classes

Instructional classes, or TC for short, resemble Pokémon’s TMs where you can show your Temtem animals certain strategies or moves that it hasn’t adapted at this point. These things can either be plundered in specific holders or by finishing side journeys. At present, there are around 18 TCs to gather, so you’ll have your hands full.

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