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The world of Warcraft backstory begins in Azeroth, four years after Frozen Throne. As Archimonde’s burning legion is defeated on Mount Hyjal, and Arthas and the Lich King combine to put the scourge’s undead to sleep, the alliance and horde forces on the continent are increasingly at war with each other, and new threats are emerging.
You can create characters in World of Warcraft by signing up for an account. The current maximum level of a character is 120.
According to Tips on the in-game loading interface, an account can create up to 11 characters on the same server, while a total of up to 50 characters can be created on different servers.
There are 13 core RACES and 10 alliance RACES available for players to choose from. These RACES are divided into two opposing camps: alliance and tribe. In the game, the opposing camps cannot communicate directly due to the language barrier, and characters of each race can choose their gender, hairstyle, face shape, and characteristics. Any official game account can be used to create a core race, while alliance RACES needs to be unlocked by achieving an achievement within the game.

world of warcraft has a total of 12 kinds of job: Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Priest, the Druid, Paladin and Shaman, the Death Knight, Monk as well as the Demon Hunter. Not all RACES can choose any class, and depending on the game’s background, the classes available for each race will have different characteristics.

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