[All Server] Trash Loot 300k+

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For: PC 
North America 
South America 
South East Asia 

Services Offered:
*Power Leveling 
*Silver farming
*Trash loot farming ( new )
*Customized Request ( Send us a message )

Trash loot farming: CHEAPEST! HAGGLE PRICE WITH US. Send us PM
Aakman 550k Trash Loot =$330 – Kutum 250/260 Awakening Power
Aakman 650K Trash Loots = $330 – Kutum 270 Higher Awakening Power
Hystria 300k Trash Loot = $330  – Kutum 250/255 Awakening Power
Hystria 400k Trash Loots = $330 – Kutum 260/270 Awakening Power
Hystria 500k Trash Loots = $330  – Kutum 280/290 Awakening Power
Hashra 400k Trash Loots = $330  – Kutum 250 Higher Awakening Power
Mirumok 320k Trash Loots = $350 – Kutum 245 Higher Awakening Power
Manshaum 450k Trash Loots = $330  – Kutum 250 Higher Awakening Power
Star End 300k Trash Loots = $330 – Kutum 270 Higher Awakening Power
Crescent 400k Trash Loots = $220 – Kutum 250 Higher Awakening Power

Why order loot farming? It’s the easiest way for you to compute the number of hours rendered by us, your pilot to your account.
Example: You want 10 hours in mirumok? The easiest way for you to make sure that the account is played for 10 hours is if you based it in trash loot/s per hour. And so, just pm us for package and cheap offers for this service.

What to do if I want to purchase?
1) Contact us to discuss about your order.
2) We’ll create a special offer and then we’ll provide you with a purchase link for you to purchase.
    When you purchase the link that we’ve provided, you will provide your account details.
    Account details are as follows ( Username, password, your server / region, character name, etc. )
3) We’ll login and check if the account details that you’ve provided is correct.
4) If everything is okay, we’ll start right away with your order.

What if I want to play and my order is still ongoing?
Even if your order is still ongoing, you can login anytime. Just send us a message and we can logout anytime for you. Or we can both create a schedule, so it will be easier on your part if you want to login and play.

How to avail discounts? 
1) Multiple orders / returning customers.

How secure is my account?
(We’ve been in this service for years and not even one account has been banned since we started)
1) We will hide your identity, we will play as if you are playing. Even your friends will not know that it’s not you. We will be dealing things to the highest level of discretion.
2) We will never grief and we will never do actions that can cause damage to your reputation or damage to your account.
3) We use VPN to match your location.
4) We’re directly hired by you.
5) All orders are done manually, no bots, no cheats.
6) All orders are constantly monitored and are all played in our office. 
7) You can ask for updates from time to time. Just send us a message.
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