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– Cheapest BDO Silver/Powerleveling/Energy/CP farming/Lifeskill training
– Lightning fast delivery time 
– Available for EU/NA/STEAM region
Who are we?
We are professional players, farmers, powerlevelers and gold/silver sellers from Europe, mainly focusing on games such as ArcheageBlack Desert Online, SWTORRiders of IcarusBlade and Soul, etc. We established a gold farming community in 2016 called Mmogoldfarmer, and our main point of view is to offer to both our sellers and buyers the safest methods of gold trading and powerleveling. Because of this, we strictly avoid botting and cheating programs. We can proudly say that all of our costumers are satisfied with our delivery method and speed. It’s important to mention that we are a small group of friends working together, so you will hire us directly for finishing your order.
What are we offering?
– As our title states, we offer the lowest prices on the market!
– We only sell strictly hand farmed silver, no bots/cheats involved
– Energy Points boosting
– Contribution Points boosting
– Lifeskills Training
– Fastest delivery
– Safest delivery methods
– Flexible time schedule fitting your offline hours
– 0-24 support
What are our prices?
One of our main goal is always to offer our buyers the cheapest prices possible on the market to avoid emptying your wallet and also offering lightning fast delivery! 🙂 
– Silver delivery time:
300M Silver – ONLY 6 hours delivery
500M Silver – ONLY 9 hours delivery
1B Silver – ONLY 1 day delivery
2B Silver – ONLY days delivery
5B Silver – ONLY days delivery
– Contribution Point Prices:
1 – 100 Points: $0.6 per CP
100 – 200 Points: $0.9 per CP
200 – 250 Points: $1.1 per CP
250+ Points: Ask for an offer in pm
– Energy Point Prices:
1 – 100 Points: $0.4 per EP
100 – 200 Points: $0.7 per EP
200 – 300 Points: $0.8 per EP
300+ Points: Ask for an offer in pm
– Infinite HP Potion Price:
– Infinite MP Potion Price:
For custom requests pm us! 🙂
What are our information requirements to start farming for you?
First of all, please note that we can only farm silver with account sharing. In BDO there is no way to trade silver between players, so our method is to log in to your account and farm until we reach the silver amount ordered from us to you! In order start farming the silver faster, hand us your following informations after you have placed an order:
– Email address
– Password
– Region
– Character name
– Your offline time when we can log in to your account to farm to deliver your order
What are our requirements regarding your account? 
We have a really unique requirement list compared to other farmers, with what we wanted to encourage also the players who are kinda new or didn’t had the opportunity to gear up yet (this is the most common reason why you choose to buy silver farming services), or buy pets, buying value packs and so on.
– We DON’T require to have pets
– We DON’T require to have high AP/DP (It’s enough if you’re just above 100 AP/DP)
-Actually our only requirement is to have at least a LVL 50 character on your account, and a Value Pack however if you don’t have one, please let us know and we will make you a powerleveling offer which will be so cheap that you don’t want to reject. 🙂
Also if you want to check how is your order progressing you can ask us to share you screenshots, or screen sharing of the progress.
We also share unique tips and tricks for our buyers for free to make their gamer life easier to progress.
For more information about exact delivery time, or getting a unique order, or if you have any additional questions, please contact us via pm.
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Cheapest Silver Boosting! 100M = $2.4
Cheapest Silver Boosting! 100M = $2.4


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