1b silver grind

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Greetings!! Welcome to TBooster

5B Minimum (+10% Silver Bonus) = $18/B
6B up (+10% Silver Bonus) = $19/B

Trash Loots:

Manshaum 400K trash loot = $180

Mirumok 320K trash loot = $180
Aakman 550K trash loot = 180 !We need loots scroll for this service!
Hystria 300K trash loot = $180
Sycria Ruins 300K trash loot = $180

Star’s End 300K trash loot = $180

Discord: TBooster#8636

(PM us for discounts)

24/7 online

No Grief / Discreet Policy
1. We will never grief and we always avoid conflict that may cause damages in your account.
2. All services are with highest discretion not even your friends would know.

1. We use VPN to match your location.
2. Our services are purely focused on Power leveling, no selling of account or selling of trade-able items and currencies.
3. Directly hired by you, we do not outsource.
4.The person that is leveling your account is located in the Philippines.
5. If the account gets banned during leveling, we will compensate you the full amount of payment.

For payment method we can use:

Western Union

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1b silver grind
1b silver grind

$20.00 $18.00

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