1 RAID on any location


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– Buying this service will get you a successful raid completion
– You will have priority on all the loot in the raid (PMCs, Scavs and map loots).
– After you looted everything, the team will extract you from the raid.
– This service is done via the self-play method (We hide you while we bring you loot).

– We will agree on the starting time together (We will message you about the specific details).
– The service will be completed in the shortest possible amount of time.

– You must enter the raid with the biggest bag you can afford and a pistol (to be able to defend yourself from the AI Scavs).
– If you can’t afford the bag and the pistol, we gonna drop it for you.
– On the raid you just have to follow our instructions and to not engage the enemies on your own unless you are in life or death situation.

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1 RAID on any location
1 RAID on any location


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