Package Level 1 – 10 + Loot (account share)


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05. Within 48 Hours

Important: check the possibility of order fulfillment before payment.

-Account share
-Escape from Tarkov account any region

We do not use any cheats, hacks or abuses.
All items and equipment that drop during the leveling remain on your account.

Deadline: check with the operator.

– the service involves the share account
– you must have an active account in Escape from Tarkov
– do not log into your account before the end of the order to avoid getting a ban for share account

Note: Do not forget to change your password after completing boosting. After completing an order, operators will never ask you for your account password.

Important: if you need other services or goods in EFT, please contact the operator

Photos: Package Level 1 – 10 + Loot (account share)

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Package Level 1 – 10 + Loot (account share)
Package Level 1 – 10 + Loot (account share)


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