FACTORY RUN ✅ | Carry | Raid (Copy) (Copy)


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Contact with me via chat or use IamtheKing#6639

If I’m offline You still can do purchase and we will do order when I will be available                     

How it works:
– We will go to raid together.
– You can stay afk.
– I’ll kill all pmcs and raiders.
– I’ll collect the precious
items on the map for you.
– At the end of the game, I’ll
deliver all collected items
to you.
– A raid does NOT count if
one of us gets killed and
we will start a new one.


Absolutely safe method for you to fill your stash.
Designed so that developers cannot track or ban for a raid with software.

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FACTORY RUN ✅ | Carry | Raid (Copy) (Copy)
FACTORY RUN ✅ | Carry | Raid (Copy) (Copy)


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