Lab. Full Keys Bundle


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The set includes:

Lab Key Arsenal Storage Room
Lab Key Manager Office
Lab Key Testing Area weap
Lab. Violet Keycard
Lab. Red Keycard
Lab. key. Laboratory block. Lavel 2 (Green Keycard)
Lab Key Alarm System Control Panel (Yellow keycard)
Lab. Black Keycard
Lab. Blue Keycard
TerraGroup acces keycard x1
Key card with a blue marking

Important : In connection with the latest changes, there are chances to block your account. We do not recommend making big purchases.

Delivery Methods:

– flea market  (YOU MUST HAVE 10 level)  
For safe and fast delivery and items with big size – Thicc Cases  or something

a) you need to create a lot

b) inform the lot ID and which item is for sale

c) get a lot

– for delivery via a raid you need to have a secure case – beta, gamma, epsilon or kappa.

Important: for a flea market, choose products with a low commission – for example, bitcoin or a rolex submariner watch – a commission of about 10%.

Important: to receive through the exchange you must be online.

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Lab. Full Keys Bundle
Lab. Full Keys Bundle


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