Red Rebel Ice Pick (RR) (via Raid)


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Delivery time

03. Within 2 Hours

Average time of delivery of goods through a raid = 10 minutes per raid.

The number of delivered goods for 1 raid is strictly limited by the mechanics of the game; therefore, the guaranteed delivery time may be longer than that stated in the goods.

Examples when delivery may take longer than stated in the goods:
1) game restrictions on the number of carry-out in 1 raid of a certain goods
2) technical issues (long loading into the raid, not looking for a game for a long time, thrown out of the raid and others).

When ordering large quantities, check with the operator for information on the timing and method of delivery.

Delivery via Raid

We can deliver any item in the game. Contact the operator.

Business Hours – 7:00 am – 01:00 am GMT + 2

Shanghai – 12:00 – 6:00
New York – 00:00 – 18:00
Moscow – 7:00 – 1:00

Photos: Red Rebel Ice Pick (RR) (via Raid)

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Red Rebel Ice Pick (RR) (via Raid)
Red Rebel Ice Pick (RR) (via Raid)


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