EVE Online 1000kk ISK


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-Safest delivery method is through our corporation, it means that you will need to join our corporation to receive your order.
-Also i can deliver isk’s via ship shift, or jetcan in space. For more information feel free to ask me.
-And if you dont care about your safety, then i can deliver your order via trade in Jita, or near.
You will receive detailed instruction what and how to do after purchase.

Working time
(Pacific time zone)
8:00 AM – 2nd day 2:00 AM
(Eastern Standard Time)
11: AM – 2nd day 5:00 AM
(Greenwich Mean Time)
3:00 PM- 2nd day 9:00 AM
Orders are delivered exclusively during business hours.
At this time you can find our customer service in the chat.
If Order placed outside this time frame,We will reply to you first thing once we are back
Thank you for ordering with Raisebuddy, Enjoying your in game Journey .

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EVE Online 1000kk ISK
EVE Online 1000kk ISK


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