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Explore the twisted and troubling world of Ahnayro, where your dreams are haunted by mysterious figures.

From the creators of The Black Watchmen and the team behind The Secret World Alternate Reality Games comes Ahnayro, a narrative-driven immersive puzzle game which draws you into the dream world and surrounds you within an ethereal reality.

You are gifted with the ability to look beyond the veil of reality, investigating a universe that opens up to you every night, haunting you, beckoning you to solve the mysteries within.

The life of the dreamer is in your hands, yet neither you nor she are in control of this magical world; you are at the mercy of mysterious entities flowing in and out of the darkness. Her only hope of salvation is to understand the symbolism of her fragmented visions and confront the evil that plagues her mind.

As in any dream, however, this new reality draws from the waking world, and understanding one necessitates understanding the other.

Discover the meaning of this obscured reality, unlocked only at night. Discover Ahnayro.

Key Features

  • Gameplay rooted in real world knowledge. 
  • Researching intriguing historical events, mysterious figures and thought-provoking subjects. 
  • Finding hidden connections that lie beneath the surface. 
  • Immersive narrative. 
  • Something above and beyond a typical puzzle game.

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Ahnayro: The Dream World Steam Key GLOBAL
Ahnayro: The Dream World Steam Key GLOBAL


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