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Doom VFR gameplay focuses mainly on VR goggles

Virtual reality goggles are slowly gaining a big fan base. The ability to see the action of the game through our own eyes is a very compelling idea. Hence so many games were already created for this system. Especially horror games. Due to the fact, that we can see the action through our own eyes, scaring us was never before so real and easy. ID Software decided to bring us the ultimate action and horror in the Doom VFR

 Now you will be able to fight a horde of demons with your own fists and see how blood splatters directly in your face, what can be actually better? It is also worth to notice, that it is the first big game made for VR. Hence, you will be able to make history here. The only question is. Are you brave enough to face demons, zombies and monsters from hell in this literally, first person shooter? It is not going to be easy.

You are the sole survivor

Set shortly after the demonic invasion on the UAC’s Martian research facility, you are the last known human survivor – until you are dead. You are a part of a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol. Your consciousness was transferred to the artificial brain matrix. You have two objectives. 

The first one is to restore the operational stability of the base. The second one is to stop hordes of demons from destroying the base. Your task is not going to be easy though. Demons are restless and you are only a mere human. Only human, who chews bubblegum and kicks asses of monsters. Show hell spawns that you are the one guy, they are not supposed to be messing with.

A fast-paced battle awaits

Doom VFR is similar to other installments of the series. The only difference is the fact, that you’re going to see the action with your own eyes. However, the core of the gameplay remains the same. A fast-paced battle with hordes of demons. You only have to stay alive, and at the same time destroy waves after waves of enemies. Yeah, they are demons but soon enough they are going to be afraid of you, not another way around. Shoot their head off or simply beat them with your own hands. Feel the action like never before.

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