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God Eater 3 is an action RPG game with elements of hack’n’slash that was developed by Marvelous First Studio and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in February 2019. It is the sixth overall installment and third main entry in the critically acclaimed series. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world terrorized by giant monsters called the Aragami. The player takes control of the titular God Eater, warrior tasked with defeating Aragami in a series of missions. Game offers multiplayer cooperative mode with up to eight players taking on the enemies together at the same time.


God Eater 3 is an action role-playing game video game with a solid dose of hack’n’slash elements thrown into it. Players take control of a God Eater and can customize their in-game avatar freely, deciding on character’s name, sex, hairstyle and hair color, face type, voice and many different characteristics. The player character is equipped with God Arc, a weapon that can be transformed into various types of arms, such as guns and blades. Using firearms consumes Oracle Points, which can be replenished by using bladed weapons. These, however, deplete the character’s stamina which recharges over time. Stamina is also spent while dashing, sprinting and jumping. The player can spend Skill Points obtained from enemies to upgrade their weapons and increase their combat effectiveness.

The main goal is to defeating the Aragami, giant monsters that terrorize the game world. The mission objectives dictate the time limit within which the player must deal with all the monsters. During the battle, up to three teammates will assist the player. If the player loses all their health points, other members of the team will use Link Aid, a system that allows reviving fallen characters. The player can also perform Link Aid on one of their team members.

Defeating Aragami allows the player team to harvest the materials from them using the Predator form of their God Arc. If player harvests Aragami which is still alive, they will drop a Burst Bullet, which, when fired, throws the player character into Burst Mode. In Burst Mode players’ strength, speed and regeneration are increased. Burst Bullets can also be fired at teammates, and through the system called Link Burst, activating their Burst Mode.

God Eater 3 introduces several new features and moves such as Dive – similar to dash, but players can use their stamina to sprint towards locked-on enemies; Burst Arts – attacks in Burst Mode are improved or completely changed, players can also unlock Burst Arts Effects which add more flair to these special movesSkill Install – single skills that activate during Burst Mode, they do not fit into Skill Slots; Acceleration Trigger – special buffs that can be activated by performing specific actions, like guarding or devouring; Engage – increases strength by fighting close to a teammate; filling the Engage meter allows triggering the Engage Effect; Biting-Edge and Ray Guns – new forms of God Eater close and long-range weapons. Biting-Edge can be used in dual wielding or mow-down mode, which transforms the weapon into a huge glaive. Ray Gun fires a continuous stream of increasingly brighter laser shots, and timing is crucial to fully master the potential of this weapon.

Story and Characters

The story of God Eater 3 takes place in Ashlands – world devoured by corrosive ash. The remains of humankind are centered in the Ports, where a new type of God Eaters arises to face the threat of the Aragami. As one of the Characters, or AGE, the player must embark into the Ashlands and put an end to the reign of these monstrous beasts.


God Eater 3 for PC received generally positive reviews, with critics and fans praising anime-style action and customization options. The game was named a worthy successor of the series and had been a commercial and critical success.

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God Eater 3 Steam Key GLOBAL
God Eater 3 Steam Key GLOBAL


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