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Together for Victory is the first expansion pack (DLC) for Hearts of Iron 4 – a war strategy PC game developed and published by Paradox Interactive that is the fourth installment in the renown political and military strategy series. The game is set during the period of World War II and enables players to play as any nation of the world and lead them through the global conflict. 

The gameplay involves controlling ground, naval and air forces in combat as well as maneuvering around the complex system of politics that include signing treaties, guarantees of independence, or creating factions of allied nations such as the Axis or the Allies.

What’s new in Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory?

  • Added nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Raj (India), and South Africa, with dedicated focus trees and events.
  • Dominions of the United Kingdom can now decide whether to stay loyal to the Crown or to follow an alternate, more independent path.
  • Thanks to the new autonomy system, the subjugated state gains more independence from foreign rulers.
  • The lend-lease function now allows the player to ask for needed equipment from their allies.
  • Players have better control over encircling opponents and bursting through their lines with the new Spearhead battleplan command.
  • Technology sharing allows the Commonwealth nations to make significant leaps forward, with assistance from Great Britain.
  • Commonwealth infantry, air force, and other equipment receive 19 new 3D models and 2D art.
  • Soundtrack composed by Andreas Waldetoft adds three new musical pieces: London in Flames, Operation Compass, and Heroes of El Alamein.
  • Added languages for infantry units: German, French, Italian, British English, American English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
  • Upgraded combat log enables players to check up on such factors as equipment spending, etc.


Together for Victory received mixed to positive reviews from players and game critics alike. The new content gathered favorable opinion, however, many players stated that it should be part of the main game, not the HoI4 expansion.

If you’re interested in great strategy games set during World War 2, Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory should satisfy your needs.

Specification: Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory DLC Key Steam GLOBAL





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Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory DLC Key Steam GLOBAL
Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory DLC Key Steam GLOBAL


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