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A real treat for all fans of sci-fi horror adventures. The cult classic System Shock is back in a special offer. Wake up in a cyberpunk reality, where only you can confront an overarching destructive AI that went out of control.

Come face to face with Shodan

Having just woken up from a coma, you learn quickly that horrifying events are happening around you. All the crew is lost, brutally slaughtered by some evil force, and the control over the facility is lost. The more you want to learn what happened, the more taunted and ridiculed you are.

Soon you find out that an extremely clever artificial intelligence system, named Shodan, has outfoxed other humans and now hunts you.

Welcome to the System Shock world, where the cyberpunk environment is simply soaked with evil, deviousness, and fear. This unique offer comprises two classic System Shock games, including the remastered version of the original one and System Shock 2 from 1999. 

In each case, you have to stand up against the omnipresent evil, embodied by Shodan who won’t miss any opportunity to kill you. As an extremely intelligent computer system, it sets the rules of the game. Will you play it?

Doom’s rival

System Shock’s gameplay can be compared to Doom, one of its biggest competitors. The game requires from the player both a decent reflex and combat skills, as well some logical thinking. Whether you play as the cybernetic hacker in the first title, or a daredevil who voluntarily decided to participate in a space shuttle voyage In the second, you can expect a multitude of various puzzles to solve and a whole set of enemies to exterminate.

As a classic sci-fi survival horror, the game could not omit map exploration and crafting system, enabling you to develop your protagonist, preparing him for the final clash. Improve skills, gather ammo and gear such as dermal patches or first-aid kits, collect a whole arsenal of weapons. From an open firefight to cold steel brawls, System Shock features a wide array of moves and techniques that will help you square off against your opponents.

Finally, explore the cyberspace and destroy the evil from the inside. Take the arising opportunity and enter the wireframe 3D environment to collect data and fight Shodan’s security systems. The actions you’ll take in the cyberspace will substantially affect the events in the physical world.

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System Shock Pack Steam Key GLOBAL
System Shock Pack Steam Key GLOBAL


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