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The game is set in the 19th century in a world of anthropomorphic animals. There is shortage of food and various parties have different ideas how to solve this problem. They incite uprisings. Some animals decide to prey on others to stop hunger. The Civilized party, which is led by Archimedes, decide to leave it to luck who survives and who doesn’t: they created a lottery that decides who is eaten.

This idea is very controversial and the Commonfolk are strongly against it. When a son of rich merchant Bellafide gets chosen to be eaten, he starts an uprising in a bid to change the system to one based on meritocracy. Also the Commonfolk start a revolution as they want to put into life a voting system instead of a lottery. The Commonfolk are led by Hopper. He and Bellafide join forces to fight Archimedes and his group. Fights are getting intense, and the world is engulfed in chaos.


Tooth and Tail is an RTS designed both for the use of gamepad and keyboard-mouse setup. It has a single-player campaign and a multi-player mode in online or split screen version.  In single-player mode the player has various levels of difficulty to get through. In multiplayer mode there is an option of co-op or playing against each other. A maximum of four people can play in multi-player mode. The last team standing wins.

Before the campaign, players have to choose which commander they want to be if they compete against each other. Then, they have to draft six units, out of twenty possible, that will be used during the campaign. After that they build their own structures, such as a farm. Before the campaign starts, they also have to gain resources. Each player has campfires and gristmills and they all have to be destroyed to eliminate the opposing player’s character and its team. The maps in the game are procedurally generated.

Game reviews and awards

The reviewers especially praised gameplay that is challenging but also very rewarding in the end. The multi-player mode was also very highly praised by reviewers. Tooth and Tail won two awards in 2016: Best Character Design at Intel Level Up and Guest’s Pick at Media Indie Exchange together with Giant Cop. You can get this game on section above (offers) and play it on your PC.

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Tooth and Tail Steam Key GLOBAL
Tooth and Tail Steam Key GLOBAL


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