Gw2 Max Mastery 346

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Current max mastery till this catalog created (Aug, 2020) are 346 Points, and maybe someday Anet will add more mastery due to new region opened. The benefit if you have this full max mastery is awesome every part of those region has their own purpose.



  • Level 80 character
  • Unlock Both Expansion HoT and PoF
  • Unlock Living World Season 2
  • Unlock Living World Season 3
  • Unlock Living World Season 4
  • Unlock Ice Brood Saga Story


Time Estimation:

Time estimation for this Max mastery is 4 Weeks.


Login Schedule:

NA/EU Account: Start at 07.00-23.00 GMT+7

What you Get:

  • Max 346 Mastery Point
  • All mount unlocks and Maxed (Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, Jackal, Griffon, Beetle and Skyscale)
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Gw2 Max Mastery 346
Gw2 Max Mastery 346

790.28 726.71

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