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Blizzard offers you a gift card which will supply your or your friend’s balance with 50 USD to spend on in-game items and accessories. Choose from the wide variety of skins or mounts for your characters in Heroes of the Storm, pets and cosmetic items for your World of Warcraft account and card packs for Hearthstone. Additionally, among all of the items you or your friend can buy, there are loot boxes for Overwatch, an expansion for Diablo III or mission packs for Starcraft II.

Moreover, it is possible to use the funds for subscriptions, complete packs of items or services for many of the Blizzard products. If you don’t own those games or want to play one of the older ones, such as Diablo II or Starcraft Remastered Edition, nothing can stop you from buying those with the funds from the 50$ Blizzard Gift Card.

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Furthermore, the gift card gives you the option to purchase additional content for other games offered on the platform. Now you can spend your money from the account balance on games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and its additional Zombie mode episode or Destiny 2 and the Forsaken – annual pass as well as in-game currency for those games.

Buy games, expansions, services and in-game content, cause if you are a fan of Blizzard games or have a friend who can’t get enough of them, you have to get the Gift Card.

Specification: Blizzard GiftCard 50 USD NORTH AMERICA





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Blizzard GiftCard 50 USD NORTH AMERICA
Blizzard GiftCard 50 USD NORTH AMERICA


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