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What is Pre-payment Funding?

P2gamer gives each player who reaches a specified score two discretionary rights:

  1. For every 100 credit points accumulated, you can choose to exchange 200 prepayment funding to your website wallet, and players can buy any goods on the website by themselves.
  2. You can choose to continue to accumulate credit points, and an additional 100 points can increase the advance payment by 50, and so on.

For example, 200 points can be exchanged for 450 USD; 300 points can be exchanged for 700 USD; 500 points can be exchanged for 1050 USD

Second, every time you accumulate 100 points, the system will update your reputation icon on the home page, which is divided into 5 levels. The higher the grade, the higher the discount and gold content of the future activities

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